Healthy Meal Plans For Kids

Healthy Meal Plans and Resources

Meal planning is how families today stay healthy, stay organized, and even save time and money!

Feeding kids right can be challenging. They can be SO picky. They might not like veggies. They might decide, out of the blue, that they no longer eat toast. (Toast!) It’s enough to make parents crazy. But there IS a way to serve healthy meals AND please everyone at the dinner table. The secret is consistency with family meals, and balancing familiar foods with new foods. Healthy meal planning lets you tap into that secret formula.

  1. Start with a meal planning template

    You can choose use a template as a guide, such as, “Mexican on Mondays, Italian on Tuesdays”, etc

  2. Fill your plan with meals you will enjoy

    Fill in the meal plan with meals your family will enjoy, and for what you will have time to prepare. Don’t plan a meal that takes an hour to prepare if you are going to be at a soccer game all afternoon.

  3. Plan for produce

    This is the most forgotten part of meal planning. Unfortunately, I don’t write down all the fruits and vegetables we are going to eat with our meals. Often, I rely on “what I feel like preparing or whatever is left in the fridge and not rotten yet, but sometimes that leaves us with nothing! With this in mind, today’s meal plan will have all the veggies we’re going to eat this week!

Meal Plan Resources

  1. Super Healthy Kids Blue

    Super Healthy Kids Blue Printable
  2. Super Healthy Kids White

    Super Healthy Kids White Printable
  3. Prepear Blank

    Prepear Blank Printable


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Healthy Meal Plans Done For You


One of the hardest parts of meal planning is finding recipes that everyone likes. But that’s OUR specialty! Let us find the meal ideas that win over your picky eaters. Our healthy Family Fresh meal plans are written by a dietitian and delivered via Prepear, so you can have easy access to the shopping lists and the recipes. Try them here.

Try them here


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