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Introducing Prepear: Your Best Free Meal Planning Tool!

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Prepear is a super easy and inspirational new way to get organized and feed your family healthy food.

We’re talking about something a little different today on the blog. That’s because we have a new, exciting resource to share with all the hungry families out there!

We’re so proud and excited to announce the Early Access launch of  our awesome, completely free meal-planning and recipe-collection tool, Prepear! We want to tell you a little bit about how Prepear works to make family meals easier than ever before. And we’d like to invite you to start using it during our Early Access period!

First, here’s what you can do with Prepear:

Save and Share Your Best Recipes

prepear recipe discovery

Keeping your recipes organized: it’s hugely important if you want to actually, um, cook from them. So we built Prepear to let you collect your favorite recipes from ANYWHERE in your own digital Cookbook, and share them whenever you like.

That means when you find the best bolognese recipe on the web, you can add that recipe to your Cookbook with a click.

Or if you’re worried you’ll forget your aunt’s rhubarb pie recipe, you can copy it into your Prepear Cookbook in a minute.

Aaaaand, if you’re not in the mood to search for the perfect recipe, you have got to see Prepear’s Discovery section. We’re sharing thousands of Super Healthy Kids members-only recipes there for FREE for the first time ever. Join to see them and start bookmarking your favorites!

Plan a Week of Meals in Minutes

You’ve been telling us for years that meal planning is too time consuming. All along, we’ve been thinking, “We’ve got to do something about this.”

We built Prepear so you can quickly scan your recipes, then click, click, click, and have your weekly meal plan DONE.

It takes only a few minutes to set yourself up for success for the whole week. And the actual cooking? Easy peasy with our clear recipe interface that lets you cook from mobile and check off steps as you go.

The whole Super Healthy Kids team is using it and we all love it so far! Now we’re trying to get the word out. Come try it out with us! Remember, it’s free and always will be.

Shop with Smart Grocery Lists

OK, we’re really excited of this next part: Prepear creates a Smart Grocery List for you every time you make a meal plan.

What’s so smart about it? It automatically matches your meal plan, and you can check off items on mobile while you shop. It also syncs up with your Pantry to leave off grocery items from your list if you already have them. See? Smart.

Try it out for yourself.

How to Get Early Access Prepear

Prepear is free for anyone to use, and you can sign up by clicking the link below. We want our new users to know that we’ve just launched and we’re still building out awesome features! During our Early Access period, we welcome your feedback, so we can make Prepear the very best it can be. Go ahead and click below if you’re ready to try out Prepear and share your feeback with us!

Click here to get Early Access Prepear


Thank you so much for being part of our community, and helping us grow!

Join FREE to plan meals in minutes, collect your favorite recipes, shop with Smart Grocery Lists, and more! https://prepearmeals.com/

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