Olives taste so much better eaten right off your own fingertips.



“You can have the olives during dinner!  It’s part of  our dinner” I responded.

“Rock on!” He said.  He’s 5, I have no idea who he ever heard say, “Rock on!” from.

Olives are beneficial because of the monounsaturated fat as well as their vitamin E.  This good fat from olives is necessary to line the membranes of our cells protecting the cells img_1714.jpgfrom damage and inflamation.  Like sending your little ones out in a snow storm without a coat!  Don’t send them to school without protecting their cells.

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I had no idea olives were so good for you! And to think of all the times I’ve sent my little ones out in a storm without their coats on. . . what a terrible mother I have been to their little cells!

So Amy, as One Who Cares, I was wondering where you buy your olives since they can be rather pricey.

Ah, and did you see that in the paper yesterday there was a $1.00 off coupon for General Mills cereal? Making one of the boxes you buy FREE!!!

Emily, I get Western Family brand when they are on sale. Beth, I didn’t see that coupon. Where was it? No problem Whitney, it really was a great recipe!

Love the pictures! Taco man wouldn’t touch an olive with a ten foot pole! Can you believe that??!! Crazy kid!