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Fun Food: The Coral Snake Snack

coral snake snacks12345

Although Erica thought this snack looked more like a caterpillar, and TJ asked if they were supposed to be dragons, everyone was intrigued.  To make the snake, we skewered slices of strawberries and bananas until we had a snake body.  This could supplement a great lesson if you wanted to talk about Coral Snakes!

To make this snack more filling, I included some

Neufchatel cheese Wraps

  • 1 whole wheat wrap
  • Neufchatel cheese to spread
  • Strawberry jam
  • bananas

Spread cheese, jam, and bananas on the wrap. Roll up and eat.  Making wraps is so much easier when you buy the large product labeled wraps.  Often I will purchase whole wheat tortilla's for my wraps, but they just don't roll up as well as the product labeled as wraps.

Neufchatel cheese is a great substitute for cream cheese.  With 1/3 the fat of cream cheese, I think it's just as delicious as full fat cream cheese.  It's softer, creamier, and perfect for spreading!

coral snake snack3coral snake snack2

Our Neufchatel Cheese Wraps is included in our Letter-N series of course.

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05/04/2011 6:13am
This is so cute and almost real looking. Love how healthy you made it, good for the kids to learn something at the same time. Thank you.
05/04/2011 6:30am
I love it!
05/04/2011 7:04am
That's a great one for the letter N. I've always used that one {and I say "that one" because I'm not sure I can even spell it correctly!} over the regular kind of cream cheese! And what an adorable snake! I'm going to have to make this one for the kiddos ~ I think I already have everything I need! Hooray!
05/04/2011 8:43am
These turned out SO cute. I love them :)
05/04/2011 9:59am
yum! i'm gonna make one for my boy and add some prunes to be the black part!
05/04/2011 11:04am
That's so clever, combine delicious snacks, art, and learning ;) I'm sure my kids will LOVE this
05/04/2011 7:58pm
Love it! What did you use to attach the eyes?
05/04/2011 11:56pm
Very fun and healthy!
05/05/2011 4:08am
Hi Jessica, The little chunks of banana are actually held on by toothpicks. Although the banana was pretty slimy, so it may have stayed on without anything. The black dots are made from some black writing icing I have on hand for stuff like this.
05/06/2011 8:38pm
Love this! My son is doing a snake report for school right now, and we are living and breathing snakes over here (not sure how I feel about that...). Anyway, I'm definitely showing this to him tomorrow. Maybe we can make it as a snack for his class to go along with his report!! How fun would that be! And I was just introduced to Neufchatel cheese a couple of months ago. LOVE it! Seriously, just as good as cream cheese, but healthier. And I like that it's softer, which makes it great for recipes and spreading!
05/11/2011 9:53pm
My oldest is obsessed with insects, so I'm going with caterpillar!
05/13/2011 10:29pm
Your snake snack looks fantastic! Well done, for finding a very healthy snack to encourage kids to eat healthy.
05/19/2011 6:15pm
We're going to attempt these tomorrow!! My son wanted to incorporate the black stripes so we're going to use dark chocolate frosting as the "glue." We'll see how they turn out, but he's really excited! I'll try to remember to take a picture and send it your way!
05/20/2011 9:27am
Okay, so I realized that this is a HEALTHY food blog so frosting might not be the best idea! :) My son's teacher suggested Nutella, and I even thought about purple grapes.
05/23/2011 7:30am
This is absolutely one of the coolest and healthiest meals I've ever seen. I'm so excited to try this recipe for my kids. Thank you very much for sharing! :)
05/24/2011 5:58am
[...] museum, where he had the chance to touch a snake and tell his class about it! When we came across this snake snack idea on Super Healthy Kids, I knew it would be something my son would want to do! So, with permission [...]
10/08/2011 6:13am
Oh my goodness, this is such a cute way to make healthy snacks for kids. I have seen so many people make cakes in a snake shape but never bananas and strawberries. Such a great idea... Thankyou

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