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23 Homemade Pancake Recipes Your Kids Will Love

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There are so many recipes for healthy homemade pancakes, but these 23 are kids favorites!

Even on busy mornings, you don’t have to turn to cereal. We love pancakes for breakfast, because like muffins, you can make them ahead of time, and eat all week.  We love to make pancakes healthier by adding mix ins like fruit, nuts, or seeds for extra fiber and nutrients. This is our best list of kid friendly pancakes. Not only will kids love them, but they are packed with healthy nutritiously rich ingredients!  These are the winning top picks of the best recipes for homemade pancakes!

homemade pancake recipes 1-6

1) Cottage Cheese Pancakes (high protein!)

These pancakes pack 17 grams of protein per serving because they are made with cottage cheese and eggs.

2) Homemade Pancake Mix Recipe

Having a good pancake mix recipe can be cheaper than buying a mix from the grocery store.  Always have it on hand, and add water for a simple solution with less cleanup.

3) Banana Pancakes

We made these pancakes irresistible to kids by stacking them with cream and berries! Plus, the banana cooked in makes them extra tasty.

4) Chia seed pancakes

Chia seeds are a great source of healthy fat that boosts what is typically a carb heavy meal to something more macro balanced.

5) Veggie Sheet pan pancakes

Two reasons I like this one.. first, no slaving over a griddle! It all goes in on a cookie sheet. And second, it  has carrots and zucchini, but it’s still sweet like a pancake!

6) Smoothie Pancakes

If you have leftover smoothies in the morning, these smoothie pancakes are a place you can mix in what your kids didn’t drink.

6 more homemade and healthy pancake recipe ideas

7) Whole Wheat Pancakes

These are different, pancakes baked in a cake pan, and also 100% whole wheat flour.

8) Flax & Blueberry Pancakes

We actually call these the brain booster pancakes.  Delicious brain nutrient like flax seeds and blueberries.  Bonus- they are gluten free if you need that!

9) Basic pancake (with 6 add-ins)

We love these ideas, because with any basic homemade pancake recipe, you can really modify it to your kids likes and what nutrients you want to see them get for the day.

10) Blender Pancakes

By using whole wheat kernels, these pancakes are as 100% whole grain as it gets.  Plus, they turn out so fluffy.

11) Cauliflower Pancakes

Your kids would definitely be surprised if they knew there was cauliflower in these pancakes! They taste great,and are in fact quite moist.

12) Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Greek yogurt boosts the protein content of these pancakes!

round up of kid friendly pancake recipes

13) Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet potatoes make these pancakes a great source of Vitamin A!

14) Pink Pancakes

Brightened up with beets,these pink pancakes pack extra nutrition and fiber!

15) Oatmeal Pancakes

Adding oats to pancakes increases the fiber and other nutrients you might not find in whole wheat alone.

16) Green pancakes

Adding spinach to your pancakes gives a nice color, without the strong bitterness of traditional veggies or other greens.

17) Red Velvet pancakes

Beets, almond milk, and a little cocoa powder give these healthy pancakes their red velvet taste.

18) Zucchini Pancakes

During Zucchini season, we shred the veggie for breads and muffins, but also for pancakes.

pancake ideas with shapes for kids

19) Breakfast Pizza Pancake

Breakfast pizza anyone?  We simply made a HUGE pancake, and topped with berries and coconut.

20) Tic Tac To Pancakes

With a simple squeeze bottle, try playing tic tac toe with your food!

21) Cocoa pancakes

Not only do these have antioxidant rich cocoa, but also flax, oats, and dates! This recipe should be renamed, super food pancake!

22) Portable Pancakes

These portable pancakes are unique because the filling is on the inside rather than the outside.  Easy to hold for little toddler hands.

23) Pancake Shapes

Although we made these in the early days of the blog, before we stopped buying food dyes, I still love the concept!  You must see the burger pancakes!


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