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30+ Quick and Easy Last Minute Dinner Ideas


Relax! You can’t be a master chef every night of the week. These 30 last minute dinner ideas will help you get a home-cooked meal on the dinner table without advance prep or planning. Print all the ideas on our cute calendar printable!

Wait. It’s 6pm and you haven’t started dinner?? WHAT?!

Just kidding. It happens to all of us. And you don’t have to lose your cool! You can turn to this totally handy list of healthy last minute dinner ideas instead.

To qualify to be on this list, the recipes we considered had to fit a few criteria. No fussy recipes allowed! These recipes have…

  • A short list of ingredients that you’re likely to have on hand
  • Simple steps
  • Fewer than 30 minutes of cooking time

And they’re healthy for your family, too. We’ve linked to many of the recipes if you want them, but you should know that most of these meals don’t need a recipe at all. They’re simple, and you should feel free to make them your own.

Work With Your Kitchen Staples

We all have kitchen staples: ingredients we never run out of in the kitchen. Your list probably isn’t exactly the same as ours, but if there’s a good deal of overlap between what’s in your fridge and pantry and what’s on our list below, you’ll probably be able to make these meals.

If you don’t have everything you think you need, don’t sweat it! Part of becoming a master of the throw-together dinner is learning to be flexible and use the ingredients that you have. Chances are you can still cobble together a healthy and tasty last-minute dinner.

Here are the kitchen staples we count on:

  • whole grain pasta
  • rice
  • tortellini
  • canned beans
  • flour tortillas
  • frozen veggies
  • canned beans
  • bagged salad, slaw, or baby spinach
  • canned tomatoes
  • rotisserie chicken

30 Last Minute Dinner Ideas

Last-Minute Pasta Dinners

A classic last-minute dinner idea, pasta is always there for you. (Awww, we love you, pasta.) Try these quick pasta meals, and choose whole grain noodles for stellar nutrition.

healthy homemade mac and cheese with veggies for kids

Last Minute Vegetarian Dinners

Meatless meals can be some of the fastest and most satisfying last-minute dinners. (Pita pizzas are delish and come together in 10 minutes flat!) Try these quick and tasty homemade meals.

Last Minute Mexican Dinners

With a can of beans and a pound of ground meat, you can do just about anything. Serve up a fast, bold dinner with these last-minute Mexican-inspired meals.

skillet with mexican enchiladas and tomatoes and avocado

Last Minute Dinner Sandwiches

There’s no shame in simple sandwiches for dinner. Pair these with a side of crunchy veggies and fresh fruit for an easy low-cook or no-cook dinner.

chicken salad sandwich on a bun with lettuce

Last Minute “Breakfast for Dinner”

Kids love the wacky feeling of eating breakfast for dinner. And nourishing breakfast foods like oats and eggs make for a healthy dinner, too.

breakfast burrito on blue plate with grapes

Print These Ideas

Click the printable picture below to keep these ideas right on your fridge. Wishing you happy (not harried) cooking!

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Spinach in grilled cheese! That is a new one to me! My mom liked to add tomato slices and I like to add sliced apple.

I Love your food recipes Superhealthykids, very easy to understand, Keep Posting like this food recipes ❤️❤️

So interesting how different the meals are that everyone’s kids will eat – although I did notice that pasta features a few times! Sorry I didn’t give you more than just the title of the recipe!