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10 Ways To Use Vegetable Juice {Plus Meal Plan}


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Southern Living Magazine

Adding the vegetable juice was great!  There was so much more flavor than I’ve ever had in a burger.  This is a recipe I’ll bookmark for sure.   As I’m making them, my smart alleck 12 year old said, “What’s cooking? Yamburgers?”  LOL.. poor kids gets a lot of experiments around here.

tomato juice burgers

So, now with 1 1/2 quarts of juice left, we’ve got to get creative.  Here are 9 other things you can do with vegetable juice that we thought of:

  1. Freeze the juice in an ice cube tray to be used next time we make vegetable soups.
  2. Freeze the juice in baggies to be used in a fruit/ vegetable smoothie.
  3. Add it to spaghetti sauce or chili to stretch your sauce a little further.
  4. Combine with oil and vinegar for a flavored salad dressing.
  5. Add it to BBQ sauce for marinating meat
  6. Use to flavor the water when cooking rice or Quinoa.
  7. Gazpacho.  Have you tried it? I haven’t, but this recipe looks  from All You Magazine delish.
  8. Replace some of the broth in this multi bean soup with vegetable juice.
  9. And of course, if you could be so lucky to enjoy it, DRINK IT!

So don’t let vegetable juice scare you!  If anything, those burgers are amazing!

Now onto a new meal plan:

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Muffins/ and Bananas Mini Bagel Sandwich with sprouts and cucumbers String cheese with Olives Deep Dish Veggie pizza
Tuesday Smoothies Shredded vegetable and turkey wrap Apples with nut butter Sweet and sour chicken
Wednesday Eggs with Toast Pasta Salad with tomatoes and olives Carrots with Hummus Bread Bowl potato soup
Thursday Applesauce with toast PB & J with apple and carrots Peaches and walnuts Garden Pasta
Friday Oatmeal with strawberries Veggie Sandwich (lettuce, tomatoes, and onions) Homemade granola bars Mushroom Risotto with chicken

* Visit our archives page for more free meal plans!

* I did receive the bottle of Mott’s Vegetable Juice for free.

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I’m glad you are excited about the juice! Do you mean you love the idea of the burgers? Because they were so tasty!!

I am a huge fan of veggie juice (especially freshly made ones), but always been less than satisfied with bottled versions because of the high sodium. how is the sodium in this one? Noticeable?

The number one benefit of drinking vegetable juice for me has got to be the improved immunity against infections and disease. The immune boosting effect has meant that vegetable juices have become part of most nutritional therapies in the battle against many serious illnesses.