June 25, 2011 | Home >Menu Ideas >Menu for Vegetarian Week
Menu for Vegetarian Week
June 25, 2011 | Home >Menu Ideas >Menu for Vegetarian Week

Menu for Vegetarian Week

We had such a fun week with my family in town.  My favorite activity: The Lehi Rodeo!  Those cowboys can put on an amazing show!  I love it from the moment the cowgirls ride in with the American Flag, until the last cowboy gets bucked off his Here is Erica enjoying the festivities.


On with our meal plan ideas for this coming week.  Summertime brings out the vegetarian in me, so this weeks meal plan is all vegetarian ideas!

  Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday lemon cornmeal Pancakes Open faced sandwich (tomato cilantro, sprouts, cucumbers) Trail mix (nuts and raisins) Black Beans and Rice with corn tortillas
Tuesday Wheat Chex Cereal and strawberries wrap with hummus mushrooms and spinach Granola bars and fruit leather Sloppy Lentils with mashed potatoes
Wednesday Bananas and toast Whole wheat wrap with hummus tomato and lettuce Apples and peanut butter Mushroom stroganoff with whole wheat fettuccine and green salad
Thursday Mushroom and pepper Omelets Veggie dogs on whole grain pita Guacamole and pita chips Greek Pizza (artichoke, olives) and watermelon
Friday Strawberry, spinach, and banana smoothie Peanut butter and honey sandwich with carrots bananas and oranges topped with oats and nuts. Sweet potato vegetable lasagna


You can print this meal plan by visiting our archives page.

For 30 days of meals, recipes, and a shopping list, check out our ULTIMATE Meal Plan! (Plus, stay tuned for a new 30 day meal plan coming soon for busy families!)


Also, I was spotlighted in LDWMagazine!! Check it out here:


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Kara says:

Thank you for the vegetarian recipes! I’m a vegetarian raising three little vegetarians so I’m so grateful for new recipes. I’m grateful for your site and all the work you put into it. It’s benefited my family greatly!

Amy says:

Thanks Kara!

Jori says:

The recipe to the lemon cornmeal pancakes doesn’t pull up. Can you help m locate it?

Kristin says:

Thanks for the ideas!
The other night I made spaghetti without the beef. It was a HIT!!! All I did was place a squash in the food processor and then heat it up in a pan with EVOO, basil, oregano, paprika, salt, pepper, and added it to my spaghetti sauce and it was sooo good.

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