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Gluten Free Paleo Meal Plan


You MUST take a look at my new recipe index! My sister spent yesterday writing a code for the index that will automatically pull every recipe I post with an image. I was getting so behind on updating my index by hand, so this will be super helpful. I think it turned out BEAUTIFUL!! You can see the Breakfast index here.

While we don’t follow a specific eating style around here, I see benefits of all different dietary plans. Eating styles such as Vegetarian, Paleo, Low Fat, Low sugar, low glycemic etc. all have something good to take away from them.  My end of the day thoughts are, whichever plan you follow, eating whole foods is key.  Each plan can be turned into a poor eating plan by eating processed, packaged foods.  Eat local, and eat foods closest to their original form, and then you will be healthy!  Of course, different people have different dietary needs (due to allergies and such), so you need to follow what is best for you!

So, if you are following a Paleo, low sugar style plan, here is a menu plan that will fit your life!

Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner
Monday Omelets with mushrooms, peppers and a bowl of berries Mandarin Chicken Salad on a bed of lettuce Dried blueberries and almonds HAPPY 4TH!!  Grilled Steaks with Strawberry salad
Tuesday Paleo Pumpkin Muffins with strawberries Alligator Pear Salad Applesauce with walnuts Whole Roasted Chicken with Cabbage Salad
Wednesday Hard boiled egg with stick of string cheese and apricots Mini Gluten Free Pizzas Blueberry coconut sorbet Baked Tilapia Fish Sticks with asparagus
Thursday Coconut milk smoothie Sautéed sweet potatoes in coconut oil, with chopped scrambled egg Celery with almond butter Grilled chicken tenders and vegetables
Friday Roasted Vegetable Frittata leftover chicken from the week with spinach salad Peaches, string cheese, nuts Spinach cheese and prosciutto stuffed chicken breasts
* For a printable version of this low sugar, gluten free meal plan, visit the menu archives

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Yay! This is perfect! I do gluten-free anyways, and wanted to start picking up more Paleo stuff since the hubby and I are both working out more. You rock!! You are the best whole foods meal planning website out there! Thank you!!

A friend suggested–and I LOVE–this new thing: gluten-free pink HimalaSalt from Sustainable Sourcing. Here’s their website, in case anyone else wants to check them out: https://secure.sustainablesourcing.com The taste is incredible–and what a way to season your healthy food! And it’s organic, too!! Thanks for a great post. I’ll be back often to get more ideas.

Absolutely useful meal plan. Many would get out of the confusion on their food planning for the whole week. That too for paleo newbie’s this is a great treat. Thanks for sharing it.

This recipe looks great! My daughter recently went gluten free because of years of digestion problems and it’s really helping her. She’s almost 14 and now willing to change diet to feel better.