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10 Healthy Frozen Treats to Make This Summer

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These healthy frozen treats are made with real fruits and veggies and low or no added sugars! Kids love cooling off with these fun frozen snacks on a hot day.

People always ask us about the molds we use for making frozen treats. Here’s a roundup of our top favorite pop molds!

collage of healthy frozen treats

Kids love frozen treats on a hot summer day. (I do too!) But take a stroll down the frozen section of any grocery store and you’ll spot more frozen junk food that you can shake a popsicle stick at!

Most ice pops and frozen treats contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings, food coloring, and TONS of added sugars. Most don’t contain any real fruit at all!

But with these ten healthy frozen treats, you can feel proud of what you serve your kids. These icy superstars features REAL fruits and veggies and low or no added sugars. And they taste even better than store-bought frozen snacks!

Stay cool and create fab summer memories by having these healthy frozen treats at the ready.

10 Healthy Frozen Treats for Kids

1. Strawberries and Cream Choco Pops

These pops are made with whole pureed strawberries and Greek yogurt! We used this mini pop mold for adorable handheld pops.

bright red and white swirled popsicles dipped in chocolate on a white plate, with polka dot placemat underneath

2. Healthy and Fun Frozen Yogurt Snacks

Snacking has never been so fun than with these Healthy & Fun Frozen Yogurt Snacks. What little one wouldn’t want to get their hands on these snacks made with the cutest robot molds. So versatile you can make them in any of your favorite yogurt flavors!

3. Kiwi Sorbet

This refreshing Kiwi Sorbet is dairy free and full of Vitamin C! Kiwi lovers with adore this sweet/tart, frosty green and pretty dessert.

frozen kiwi sorbet in a white bowl with fresh kiwi slice and sprinkles

4. Frozen Peanut Butter Berry Pops

Everyone loves PBJ, right? Take it to the next level and have these Frozen Peanut Butter & Berry Pops as a healthy and delicious snack. Make them in mini molds for an extra fun snack the kids will be excited to eat!

5. Whole Fruit Pops

Make healthy and colorful homemade pops from whole fruits and coconut water! These pretty pops are easy to make without dirtying your blender.

6. Healthy Fro-Yo Bites

Would you believe me if I told you that these FroYo Bites only require two ingredients per flavor? Yep. Only TWO ingredients. Super healthy, super delicious and super easy. If you want them cute and square like these all you need are ice cube trays.

cubes of frozen yogurt in a white dish

7. Real Fruit Slushees

Thirst quenching real fruit slushees are easy to buzz up in your blender and packed with the vitamins and fiber in whole fruits!

colorful fruit slushees in glasses with striped straws.

8. Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Roll this classic whole fruit treat in nuts, seeds, coconut, or granola for crunch and nutrition!

frozen bananas on sticks coated in chocolate and nuts, resting on a plate

8. Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi Pops

These pops are light, fresh, and healthy. It’s so satisfying knowing your afternoon snacks are full of real fruits!

10. Tropical Coconut Green Ice Cream

If you feel like it’s hard to get your kids to eat leafy greens, you’ll love this frosty treat featuring whole spinach. Your little ones will have so much fun eating green ice cream! They get a cool treat AND the nutrition they need.

a bowl of green ice cream topped with coconut whipped cream

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