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Finger Food

As I mentioned in the comments in my last post, we don't generally prepare the lunches on the menu I post each week.  My kids almost always have a sandwich for lunch, unless they are home.  Those lunches are ideas only.  I do however stick with my dinner plan, and I always have the snacks available.

So, in honor of the plan, we did have Chicken noodle soup last night.  I used this recipe, because she put spinach in it.  It was soo, sooo, soo good!!!

The kids had seconds.  This blog is dangerous!  I try to not visit, but I can't stay away.  She always has gorgeous food pictures, with delicious, not healthy, but delicious looking food.

DSC_0279 But back to lunch.  I considered a few things that sets lunch apart from dinner.  Lunches are generally more portable than dinner.   And many lunches can be eaten without utensils.  This could be why sandwiches are a favorite.  Probably one reason fast food is so popular too.  So, here I suggest some finger food for your little ones, no forks necessary.

Veggie cheese toast!



In less than 5 minutes, I shredded some carrots, shredded the stem of some broccoli, and sprinkled a tiny bit of colby jack cheese on some whole wheat bread.  Put it under broil in the oven for a minute or two, and ate!  It was great!  You can also try it with parmesan cheese, and I think it would be good too.  This is what I ate for lunch. I did not send this to school with the kids.

Other finger food appropriate for lunch:

  • Homemade chicken nuggets with homemade fries.
  • Mini pizza's on English muffin
  • Hard Boiled eggs
  • Skewered fruit and cheese, or lean meat and cheese... or olives and cheese.
  • A healthier version of Lunchables!  Let them assemble their own circle of pita bread, circle of lean meat, and a circle of a tomato.
  • Vegetable Pinwheels.
  • Burritos.

Any finger foods your kids will eat for lunch?

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