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12 veggie packed soups for the picky eaters

12 Veggie Packed Soups for the Picky Eater

Every day we hear from frustrated parents, desperate to get their kids to eat more veggies.  Soup is a great vehicle for increasing vegetables (especially when served with some crusty bread or some cheesy toppings!).   But you can also…

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Soup Close Up

Hidden Veggie Mac and Cheese Soup

I'm not quite sure how Mac and Cheese became assigned to 'kid's food', but if I would let my kids choose what they want to eat everyday I'm pretty sure we would be having Mac and Cheese for Every.Single.Meal.  …

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boy and teddybear in bed

10 Natural Remedies for Your Child’s Cough or Cold

Cough and cold season is upon us. Despite our best efforts and healthy diet, our kids can catch viruses they just can't shake.  When treating our kids for the common cold or cough, we definitely want our kids to recover as quickly…

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shk home page 2014

History of Super Healthy Kids and Latest Updates

We are so excited to finally announce the launch of our new and improved website.  Since 2007 we have put thousands of hours into adding content to Super Healthy Kids to help families improve their health by making small changes to…

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lasagna soup

Lasagna Vegetable Soup

Today's post and recipe was sent in by my sister-in-law, Beth! Beth has 5 kids and knows how to please them all for dinner.  She's sent me a few recipes in the past that she knows she can make, without…

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Halloween Pot Pie Medium

Halloween Pot Pie

Pot pie is one of those meals that is a year round staple in our house.  We love changing up the veggies and adding things that are seasonal to the filling.  In the Summer we always add zucchini, in the…

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Raspberry Chia Vampire Dessert

Raspberry Chia Vampire Bites

Halloween is a great time to create fun foods using ingredients that are healthy and maybe some that your kids haven't tried before.  There are so many creative and spooky ways to serve up wholesome food to your kids during…

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game day veggie tray

Creamy Spinach Dip for Game Day

One of our favorite dips to bring to a party with a veggie tray is a cheesy, creamy, spinach dip!  There are so many ways to make it that are not so healthy, but with a few modifications, we can make it…

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halloween mummy tray from super healthy kids

Healthy Halloween Mummy Tray

I always love the little mummy appetizers, when they wrap a little hot dog or smokie with some biscuit dough.  BUT- obviously, we have to modify that for our purposes! Any time we can replace a food with a fruit or…

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Cinnamon Apple Cookie Bars

My daughter (almost 14) has become quite the baker! In fact, almost every Sunday, she's trying a new cookie recipe.  Although, most of the cookies she chooses to bake I would not classify as "healthy", there are occassion when we…

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10 Items You Don’t Need To Buy At a Health Food Store

Even I love the (guilty) pleasure of walking into a health food store.  Call me crazy, but I love the aroma and the thought that I am in a "health food" store.  There are indeed times for purchases that do…

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Caramel Yogurt Dip

My 5 year old will literally only eat apples if she has something to dip them in.  And then she will sit down and eat an entire sliced apple!  This dip is sweet, but also slightly tangy from the yogurt,…

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