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Healthy Balanced Breakfast with MyPlate

What you decide to include with breakfast can really give your kids a good start to their day!  There is no argument that breakfast is super important for kids.  Breakfast can just be cereal with milk, but it has the potential…

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Festive Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

No need for artificial flavors and colors to celebrate the summer holidays. Nature provides the best colors around! This festive frozen strawberry lemonade makes the perfect red, white and blue refreshment for all ages. Nothing says summer like strawberries and…

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No Bake Mixed Berry Snack Bites

G'day folks! Arman here again to share a (depending on your location!) seasonally easy and delicious recipe with you! When the weather is hot and the fans are on full blast most hours of the day, the last thing on…

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MyPlate Guide to Portion Sizes

MyPlate was developed for everyday use at mealtimes to promote healthy eating habits and smart food choices.  Using MyPlate as a guide, you can easily visualize what you should have on your family’s plate for any meal- fruits, vegetables, grains,…

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Fostering Confidence and Resiliency in Your Young Child

Struggle is something that is so difficult to watch our children, no matter what their age, go through. It is our mama and papa bear instincts to swoop in and protect them from all the harsh words, experiences, and people…

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Fitness Trackers for Kids

Are fitness trackers for kids a positive trend and is it a good thing to measure their activity levels? As the school year winds down and summer vacation begins, kids’ daily routines come to a screeching halt.  Whether it’s sleep away camp,…

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Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchilada Recipe

Looking for more gluten free recipes like this one?  Check out our Gluten Free Meal Plan I LOVE all kinds of easy Tex-Mex meals and this Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchilada recipe is one of our very favorites. It happens…

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10 Frozen Snacks to Keep On Hand All Summer

Summer is coming and I've got the ultimate list of ice cold snacks for you! You're kids are going to be rummaging the fridge from sun up to sun down and you want to be prepared. Take a stroll down…

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Things to Do in Heber Valley Utah for Active Families

If you are going to visit Utah, you can't miss Heber Valley!  While it's close to Park City, Utah, so many people don't know anything about it.  Heber Valley is the perfect destination for active families and people who love…

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Simple Recipes Kids Can Make By Age

Hi There - It's Toria again! My 8 year old son and I are committed to inspiring and celebrating kid being leaders in the kitchen.  Not only does cooking with kids build healthy habits, we also believe that cooking is a…

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Chocolate Chip Zucchini Protein Bars

A healthy kid-friendly snack that is high in protein and doesn't use any weird protein powders! Instead these are packed with fruits, veggies and all sorts of nutritious ingredients! When it comes to choosing a healthy snack for your kiddos,…

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Cajun Sweet Potato and Chickpea Veggie Burger Recipe

Delicious veggie burgers packed with sweet potato and chickpeas and lightly spiced with cajun seasoning. Hello, it's Ciara here again from My Fussy Eater and I'm delighted to be back here on Super Healthy Kids sharing my recipes and ideas…

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