6 Beneficial Herbs to Grow Indoors this Fall


Do you grow herbs at home? I started a mini-herb garden this past spring with my 3 year old son. For easy access, we planted the herbs in containers just outside the back door. My son loves going out to pick off pieces for whatever we’re cooking, and, although summer is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean we have to give up this fun activity! Thankfully, there are several herbs that can withstand the fall and winter months by growing the plants inside. And the good news is: they are easy to grow! All you need is a windowsill or spot with good sunlight and a little time to care for your plants each week. An indoor herb garden is a fun ongoing activity for little helpers. Here are 6 beneficial herbs to grow indoors this fall:6 Beneficial Herbs to Grow Indoors this Fall. Have fresh herbs all Winter long! www.superhealthykids.comAll of the herbs on this list are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties. When used fresh, your body receives the maximum benefits they offer. To begin your indoor herb garden, you can start from seed or buy them as small plants from a local nursery. Plant them in 6″ pots or together in a few larger containers. If you decide to plant some together, the following herbs need similar environments to grow:6 Beneficial Herbs to Grow Indoors this Fall. Have fresh herbs all Winter long! www.superhealthykids.comBasil, chives and mint all prefer a moist environment. They benefit from being watered 3-4 times a week. A good indicator is to notice when the top layer of soil is slightly dry. Be sure to water thoroughly, allowing the water to drain through the bottom of the containers. Mint has a tendency to spread quickly so, if you are planting it with other herbs, I would plant it at the end of a container.6 Beneficial Herbs to Grow Indoors this Fall. Have fresh herbs all Winter long! www.superhealthykids.comThyme, rosemary and oregano prefer a drier environment. Depending on the size of your container, they will probably benefit from 1-2 waterings a week. If the leaves start to brown you may need to water more often, but don’t overwater or their roots will rot.

6 Beneficial Herbs to Grow Indoors this Fall. Have fresh herbs all Winter long! www.superhealthykids.com

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I love, love, LOVE herbs! We use them for everything from nutritional boosts, to beauty treatments and poultices. They’re amazing!

When I select the herbs to bring indoors, I base it on the needs for the winter months (cold and flu, aches, insomnia and relaxation, etc.). Do you ladies ever take guest posts? I’m actually a writer and blogger and I would LOVE to expand on this article by writing up the benes on herbs. I’ve told friends and family I wish I could marry this site (seriously, that’s how much I love these easy and healthy recipes), so I would jump on the chance to write in a SECOND. 😀