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Sugar Snap Peas for a Snack


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Don’t you love finger food. No forks, no spoons, no plates, no napkins, no mess!  I caught this little guy walking around with a handful of Sugar Snap Peas.  He doesn’t even dip them in ketchup anymore.  Making a mother proud 🙂


We love the Sugar Snap peas.  I even bought seeds on Saturday to plant some.  I can’t wait till the kids can just pluck them off the vine and eat them anytime.

sugar snap peas and honey mustard

When they need a snack, or are “still hungry” after dinner, we always tell them they can have a fruit or vegetable.  When they can get it themselves, and don’t make a mess of it, I have no problem with them continuing to eat.

Do your kids like sugar snap peas?  Here are some ideas that might get them to try them:

  1. Eat them yourself!  When they see you eating them, they may want them to.
  2. Have them accesible.   A bowlful on your kitchen table, in the fridge, in snack bags for the road etc.
  3. Offer, rejection, repeat offer.  Offer, rejection, repeat offer.  Offer, rejection, repeat offer.  Offer, ACCEPTANCE! Repeat often.
  4. Let them open them up and just eat the peas out of the middle. Very fun for little guys.

For other finger food ideas, we were sent a few bags of Funky Monkey Snacks.  This is a company I can totally support and feel good about.  With my new five ingredient or less rule on packaged foods, these  freeze dried fruits snacks make the grade.  The ONLY ingredient in these fruit snacks was the organic fruit itself.  Plus the kids loved them… even the neighbor kids who we shared with.

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