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The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon


Watermelon is definitely one of our favorite summer treats.  But cutting it is definitely not one of our favorite tasks.  Until I discovered this method.......

We spent last weekend with my husband's family.  One evening we were going to have watermelon and so I took it upon myself to cut it..........just as I had started my sister-in-law asked me if I knew the 'best' method.  I did not!  After she showed me, I knew my life would never be the same again.   Without further ado, the super secret best way to cut a watermelon:


Step #1:  Cut the melon in half (after you have rinsed it)



Step#2: Cut the end off one of the halves.


Step #3:  Place the melon face down on your cutting board.


Step #4:  This is the tricky part. Angle your knife and start cutting off the rind.


Rotate the melon and remove the rind all the way around.  Important tip:  You will be tempted to only remove the white part  and get as close as you can to the red, while saving the precious red part of the melon.  BUT - if you don't remove enough, then you will taste the bitter/sour flavor of the rind.  In my experience, it is best to not only cut off all of the white rind, but cut slightly into the red part.  Trust me.  You will love your watermelon this way.



You have now finished the hardest part.  The rest is a breeze.


Step #5:  Slice horizontally into 3 sections.


Step #6: Cut into pieces - whatever size your prefer.


Now chill in your fridge and enjoy some ice cold juicy watermelon!

Watermelon copy

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05/31/2012 7:44am
[...] See original article by Natalie at The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon [...]
05/31/2012 5:59pm
I usually muddle about when cutting a watermelon and end up wasting way too much when cutting the rind away. Thanks for this simple method - will be SO much easier in future!
05/31/2012 7:57pm
There's actually an even easier way to cut a watermelon. My friends nanny taught me how to do it this way years ago and I just found this tutorial on another site describing the same method. Check it out! You'll never cut watermelon the same again. It's soooo fast!
06/21/2014 1:27am
I cut my watermelon pretty much the same way as indicated in your link. It is so much easier.
06/01/2012 9:50pm
How long do u think it stays good in the fridge after its cut (or sitting on my counter waiting to be cut for that matter...)
06/04/2012 3:47pm
[...] Best Way to Cut a Watermelon – Love this! [...]
06/05/2012 5:39am
I cut the rind of like that but never thought to cut the ends off first. Makes it so much easier - like cutting the peel off a butternut squash. Glad you shared this tip!
06/05/2012 7:51am
Jamie - My cut watermelon usually stays good for 3-4 days. If it is uncut, it will probably stay good for more like 5-6 days. Good luck!
06/05/2012 7:52am
Anne - Glad it helped - makes me want to eat more watermelon!
06/06/2012 6:16pm
I love watermelon with salt. Last year, I got turned onto eating watermelon with feta cheese. I've been cruising the net looking for a watermelon feta salad to settle on. Have you ever tried eating the rind? I've seen a recipe where you cook it in a pan. I haven't worked up the nerve to try it yet.
06/06/2012 9:24pm
I have made watermelon rind pickles - something my Grandpa loves and used to eat as a kid. Not my favorite, but fun to try and make anyway. Watermelon and feta sounds delish - let me know if you find a good recipe!
06/07/2012 10:17am
I don't understand : where are the seeds ??
06/08/2012 1:52pm
best way ever! my sister taught us this
06/08/2012 1:53pm
thanks a lot i will try this method but what abt the seed? how do u remove the seed if u have one ?
06/08/2012 1:55pm
Anything that makes my life easier I appreciate! Thanks for this great tip!
06/09/2012 10:37am
Ada and Delia - I only buy seedless watermelon! But if you buy a seeded one, the easiest way is probably just to have people remove the seeds from their individual portion as they are eating it. Good luck!
06/18/2012 1:41pm
So helpful! We got through a few watermelons a week and I dread cutting them! Thanks for sharing! :)
06/18/2012 1:42pm
*go through. The teacher in me can't let that typo go! Hehe.
06/18/2012 2:50pm
Jessica - Ha ha. Hope it helps - I feel the same way!
06/20/2014 5:37pm
How do u know a watermelon is seedless when buying?
06/21/2014 11:06am
Amena- Our stores will have stickers on the watermelon that says it's seedless.
07/19/2014 9:14pm
I tried it this way and what normally takes me 50-60 mins took me 10!! Thank you for sharing this!!!
08/08/2014 11:39am
thank you for the awesome tip...why did I not think of this.

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