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Kid Approved Healthy Meal Plan

Today's meal ideas came from my kids mouths themselves.  I asked each one what their favorite foods were to compile a week of their favorite meals.  Then I got online to research "healthier versions" of their favorite foods.  It's almost embarrassing  how they came up with typical kid junk-fare. I remind them they are supposed to be the "Super Healthy Kids".  They are supposed to be an example to children all over the world that they love to eat healthy foods."  Nate, my 11 year old smart aleck, said, "Tell your readers my favorite breakfast food is candy."  

So, in purple is what my kids asked for, and below it, what we are really going to eat.  I love being the mom!


  Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Omelets
Baked Omelet)
Hot Dogs (I'm mortified.. This is better: Homemade hot dogs) String Cheese Pizza
Whole wheat artichoke and red pepper pizza)
Tuesday Toast
Cream Cheese and sliced strawberries)
Macaroni and cheese
Macaroni with peas and carrots
Granola Bars Angel Hair pasta with parmesan cheese
(Whole wheat linguini with parmesan, broccoli and mushrooms)
Wednesday Pancakes
Lemon cottage cheese pancakes with poppyseeds! Wow, don't these sound yummy!)
Chicken Nuggets
Chick-pea nuggets)
Apples and yogurt dip Sloppy Joes
Sloppy Lentils on whole wheat buns)
Thursday Waffles
Multi-Grain Waffles)
Ham and cheese sandwich
Turkey wrap)
Fruit Roll Ups (fruit rollups) Teriyaki chicken and rice (Approved)
Friday Candy
Green Smoothies... just to spite the smart alleck)
Peanut Butter and Jelly
(Peanut butter and whole fruit jam on
whole wheat english muffin)
Chips and dip (fruit salsa with pita crisps) Taco's
Taco Salad bar)


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easy lunch boxeserica with easy lunch boxes Head over to the healthy meal archives to get almost a full year of free printable menu plans.

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09/19/2010 1:46pm
At least they didn't suggest candy for EVERY meal!
09/19/2010 5:19pm
I like all the meals {that you added} Those hot dogs sound really interestingly yummy!
09/19/2010 5:44pm
my kids LOVE chickpea nuggets. I use your recipe. :) sometimes if I have it I add some shredded chicken to the mix. fruit salsa with chips is also popular in our house. *we love our easy lunch box
09/19/2010 6:01pm
Sounds good. I still have to try those chickpea nuggets.
09/19/2010 11:42pm
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09/20/2010 8:12am
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09/21/2010 8:54am
My kids love breakfast cereal. It's so hard to find kinds that are sweet enough for them and without the yucky stuff. Any ideas for homemade cereals?
09/21/2010 1:52pm
My daughter LOVES poppyseed. We'll be trying these for breakfast for sure!! thanks for sharing!!
09/21/2010 4:23pm
Candy for breakfast? I don't think my kids would like the Sloppy Lentils. It is so hard to find recipes everyone likes.
09/22/2010 9:51am
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09/26/2010 3:29pm
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08/27/2013 4:15pm
Thanks for your ideas! I am working on a meal plan that my kids will be happy with, too. I am wondering how you feel on a lower-protein/higher carb breakfast like when you have pancakes and waffles? Or do you have a protein along with it? If we have pancakes for breakfast, it would have to have sausage or eggs with it, for sustained energy as well as blood-sugar control.
08/28/2013 10:50am
Hi Lisa- I'm a total fan of adding protein! Even more so now, than I was when i wrote this post (2010) I agree, protein definitely helps with satiety and keeping blood sugar steady till lunch.

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