Pretzel Finger Halloween Snack Recipe


Second in a series of Halloween snacks that are unrelated to sugar:  Finger Food! This Pretzel Finger Halloween Snack Recipe is so quick and easy, and your kids will love it!

Pretzel Finger Halloween Snack. The secret to the easiest snack you will ever make!

Pretzel Finger Halloween Snack Recipe

My kids liked these too.  I took a big fat Pretzel rod and wrapped a piece of lean ham around it.  For fingernails, I stuck a sliced almond in the end of it.

These would be perfect to take to a halloween party as appetizers, an after school snack, or even for lunch.  The kids enjoy making these too, so let them help you out.  Ketchup boy thought it was great fun to tell his little friends that he loves to eat fingers.

A word of caution about lunch meats.  Its ideal to slice your own lunch meat from a ham or roast you have for dinner.  You can buy a whole ham, slice it thin and freeze for later.  Most packaged lunch meats come full of added salt and chemicals.

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Hmmm….wonder if I could get my picky eaters to try these fingers. I might have to try.

We’re still buying packaged sandwich meat, but I cringe every time I do. I think that it might be time to either make the leap to cutting my own or buying some of the more expensive deli meat that isn’t full of salt and chemicals (there are a few out there).

I believe one of the chemicals is called sodium nitrate/sodium nitrite. I’m sure it is in whole hams you cut yourself, and also some pet foods 🙁 From what I understand, it is associated with stomach and/or other cancers.

I hope absolutely everyone makes the leap soon!

You are killing me! Those are hilarious!!!! Okay – here’s a question for you. I have always tried to avoid packaged lunch meats and only buy the kind straight from the deli that are low in sodium, MSG and preservatives, but they are so dang expensive! I’ve considered buying a whole turkey, baking it and then slicing it, but I have only cooked a turkey once in my life and all I remember is how big of a pain it was to cut it up. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this easier?

Oh – and I am SO going to follow you on Twitter! I have been twittering for a bit, but it still seems a little strange to me. Anyway, I’ll go check out your profile.

Thanks for the fun and creative – not to mention HEALTHY – Halloween ideas!

Are the meats at the deli free of sodium nitrate/sodium nitrite? I believe this preservative, found in human and pet foods, is related to stomach and/or other cancers.

I think your children’s current and future health depends on avoiding these kind of ingredients.

True Cathy and Liz, It does cost more. It’s quite a treat for my kids when I bring home lunch meat. And I only do when the deli has a 3.99 per pound sale on ham. Otherwise, it’s pb&j all the way.

Liz, one more thing. I so agree with the carving difficulty of a real turkey. Hopefully some readers have ideas… or maybe I’ll try a few things before Thanksgiving. Otherwise, I think the easiest thing would be if you had one of those fancy electric carving knives.

My super picky eater LOVED these. She had them for lunch today at preschool and the teacher thought they were wonderful. We used a whole almond instead. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas. I am so glad I found this site!

A word of caution about the foods being sent to schools or children’s events. My grandson for one is very allergic to nuts.
I personally love all kinds of nuts but be aware.

When the “finger” is removed from the plate, Isn’t it a problem to get it to stay wrapped? Solution?
Also, I was thinking of using Mozzarella sticks for the inside and red bell peppers for fingernails (avoiding nuts and gluten for the class). Other advice?

Hi Ronda!
The meat actually sticks really well to itself, depending on the meat. Ham seems slimy enough to stick
I think mozzarella and red peppers are a great idea!

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