Poems on Fruits and Odes to Vegetables

I’d like to write more posts on how to teach good nutrition to your children.  I’m currently preparing a presentation for 1st graders on fruits and vegetables, so this has really been on my mind.

My poor kids have been completely brainwashed by me. Especially Erica, my teacher at heart.  I came downstairs to find these signs on our cupboards:

DSC_0513 Carrots (2)DSC_0514 DSC_0512

I have always enjoyed finding books at the library that teach kids about healthy food in a fun way.  Recently, I was introduced to this adorable book of poems called:



One of the poems from the book:


by Judith Natelli McLaughlin

Carrots orange, long and bright

Make my snowman’s nose tonight

Carrots shredded thin and fair

Make lovely, layered orange hair

Carrots crunchy, cold and sweet

Make my favorite snack to eat

Isn’t it sweet! Simple and sweet.  And what a great forum to start a discussion about all the great things about carrot.  You can tell your kids that:

  • Carrots help us to see better (especially at night!, like a spy!)
  • Helps our blood move better through our bodies
  • One carrot a day has been shown to reduce lung cancer by 50%!!!

Does your family love to read? Do you love poems? Do you love talking about healthy eating?  You should visit the website of this gorgeous author, Judith McLaughlin!IMG_1233 (2)

Other Teaching ideas from my blog:


written by
Amy Roskelley

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charmaine magyaya says:

its a nice poem

megha says:

i dont like carrots . but ……..

jhomar says:

i like carrots. masarap kapag ginawa na carrot shake

trisha says:

amazing poems!

Mills says:

Kids Poem, How Honey Bee make the honey on their colonial nests out of wax http://bit.ly/q1IClc

[…] Banana Nut Waffles This is the last day to enter to win this awesome book, Poems to Fruits, and Odes to Vegetables! […]

Amy says:

Hi Tamera,
It’s not my book.. I wish it were. The author’s website is:
and her contact info is:
judy at aimwrite dot net
Good luck!

Tamara Gore says:

I am a first grade teacher in an “at risk” school. We are also a Project Approach school. Our current project is “Healthy Foods”. I have been looking and looking for food poems on line. I have no budget to purchase anything but would love to use your book to help my kids. Do you know if I would be able to find it at the local library? Thanks!

JenT says:

My son (3) adores poems (and anything that rhymes!). He’s not so keen on his veggies though! I think this would be the perfect book for him! Thanks for a terrific and inspirational blog!

MK says:

My four year old wa sby me when I looked at this post and said, “Oh look at those beautiful pictures!” She giggled at the poem. Would love to win this one.

Morgan says:

I loved that poem! I wish I could write clever things like that. I think my girls would like that book. I hope I win!

Brian says:

She is gorgeous! Great book too!

katy says:

this sounds like a great book. i hope i win 🙂

Katheryn says:

I hope I win. What a great book!

Emily says:

I love food! I love poetry! You should pick me, Amy.

Becky says:

Such a cute book! I always love all of the info on your blog!

angee says:

CUTE!!! You know me. Anything for my children’s book addiction! 🙂

Tara LaPierre says:

How cute! I would love to win it!

dana says:

those signs make me laugh! the book looks awesome! we also like lois elhart’s eating the alphabet and i think she also does growing soup (or similarly named!)

Deb says:

Sounds like a great book. Kids are sponges, so it’s best to get this info into them early!

Amy says:

Great book! I’m sure my daughter would love it too!

Jamie says:

We love books. …especially ones that “brainwash” our kids 8)

Tiffanie garcia says:

Great book idea! My son would love this. 🙂

Angela Naylor says:

Wow that is a neat book! My daughter loves to read and what a great way to teach about healthy foods. How fun!

Vennesa says:

Your daughter makes me laugh! I’ve brainwashed my kids too. My 7 year old tells everyone at school they have to soak up the grease off their pizza with a napkin or they will have a heart attack.

DramaMama says:

That is such a cute book! My husband teaches 4K and we are going to have to add this to his healthy foods unit – thanks for the idea =)

Hilary says:

what a cute book.

Kimberly says:

Sounds like the type of book I want my first grader reading to her family and friends.

joyce S says:

fantastic lil’ book!! I bet we can even sing these poems while preparing a dish that includes these yummy veggies!!!

Sara K says:

What a cute idea! I’ll have to look at the book if I don’t win. 😉

Dawn says:

What a great medium to teach children how WONDERFUL healthy eating can be!

Meredith says:

sounds like an adorable little book! i’m sure my girls would love it too!

I love this blog and share your ideas concerning healthy foods for kids.

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Healthy, Happy Eaters.
Join over 100k + subscribers and get family-friendly recipes, picky-eater strategies, lunch-packing tips and more, delivered each week to your inbox.