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Heart Healthy Valentine Party Ideas


A Valentine’s party doesn’t have to be all about the sweets! We have some fun ideas to put healthier spin on the day.. whether you are helping with a class party or celebrating at home with your loved ones!

valentines balloons decorating school tables courtesy of Party City

Healthy Valentine’s Class Party Activity Ideas

For this activity, we got a large poster board and created a grid with different exercises in each square. Some suggestions for this are jumping jacks, hopping on one foot, different yoga poses, sit ups, or running in place. Have the kids take turns throwing a bean bag onto the poster, then roll a dice. Do the exercise the bean bag lands, for the number of seconds the dice lands on times 10. For example- if you landed on jumping jacks and rolled a 5, do jumping jacks for 50 seconds!

Healthy Valentines Party Craft Ideas

Paper toy insect for valentine romance baby shower, birthday party. Easy crafts for kids on pink background, copy space, die creative idea from toilet tube roll, recycle reuse eco

Healthy Valentines Party Service Ideas

Valentines Party Food Ideas

We hope you enjoy these ideas!! Changing valentines from a sugar fest is a healthy way to show your kids you truly love them!

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Great ideas! I’ve been really disappointed to see in the stores so much floor space given to CANDY and very little to paper valentines. Whatever happened to the real valentines day? The candy makers are not suffering any economic depression in their sales. They’ve trapped Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, AND Christmas. Wonder which holiday they’ll grab next . . . Groundhog DAY? Anything for a buck.

For me, celebrating Valentine’s Day is not all about eating sweets giving chocolates and roses to the one you love or truly admired. But it is also a celebration to remind us that we should do things that shows love to the people who deserves to feel it/have it. Or we should do things that will be felt by others even if its not a relative. Sharing some happiness and blessings to others would be a great gift. Simple gift is enough to express our love. =) And another thing, if you’re planning to buy gifts, why not buy a stainless steel tiffin carrier which is a very useful, and beautiful gift. =)

For heart health, try swapping out regular butter for a substitute that can actually improve our kids’ cardiovascular health. I’ve been using this new product called MELT, it tastes great (my kids love it) but it is made of virgin coconut oil and flaxseed oil. Little swaps like this can really make a difference in the way our children learn to eat!