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Lunch Week

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My dear sister… although I love her, and although without her I would have no website or blog, I must expose her problem!  (BTW, she’s amazing on the computer, so all you mom’s who need a little tech help, She has a new blog…technology for mommies and you really should become her fan on facebook!!) BUT, back to her problem…

I was talking with her yesterday about her 4 year olds diet.  She tells me her daughter eats very well, even better than she eats herself.  She then said, “For lunch she either has a sandwich, a corn dog, a hot dog, or fish sticks!”  I had to point out to her that this was indeed, NOT a healthful lunch for a 4 year old!  So, for a little lunch help, I am posting all 5 days with lunch ideas. Both sending sack lunches to school, and lunches for when your kids are home.   So, without further ado, sorry for not keeping up with the menu’s.  Here is this week’s!

soup for baby

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Strawberry Orange smoothie Alphabet soup with puree’d veggies Cereal mix and fruit kabobs Chicken noodle soup
Tuesday Light cream cheese with strawberries on tortilla Veggie cheese toast Nuts and dried fruit Tortilla soup
Wednesday Blueberries and cream oatmeal Cabbage apple raisin slaw Tortilla crisps with apple fruit salsa Broccoli/ cauliflower/ peas and noodles (see photo below)
Thursday Whole Wheat Chex with yogurt and fruit Red potato salad with pita’s Baked apples with cinnamon Veggie quesadilla triangles
Friday Toast with honey and strawberries Tostadas with pinto beans and lettuce Rice pudding Pistachio Pesto

Head to the side bar, or menu archives page for a printable version.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is a super super sweet giveaway.  It’s actually one I approached the people myself because I thought their stuff was so cute!!!!


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