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Kids in the Kitchen with Eggs


If I could add Erica, my 11 year old, as a blog author- I would.  Her problem is, she rather play with friends. (ha ha).  But, many of the ideas for this site have actually been her ideas.  Including the one for today!

It should be the goal of every parent to get to a place where your kids are making their own food, right?  You don’t want your kids to be eating ramen and vending machine food as soon as they get to college.  It is possible to have them start young! So, Erica decided, an easier way to make an egg is to use our waffle iron.  The benefit here is no flipping, no getting burned on the edge of a skillet that’s too deep, and no worries that your egg won’t get cooked all the way through!  And you know what, it worked beautifully!

Step 1:  She first sprayed a hot waffle iron with cooking spray.

Step 2: She cracked an egg into one corner of the iron.  Then, using a fork, she broke the yolk, and made sure the egg ran into the corners of the waffle section. Then close the waffle iron to cook both sides!

cooking an egg on a waffle iron

Step 3: Once it’s done, she removed it with a fork!

Erica with her waffle eggwaffle eggsegg in a waffle iron

So, because of Erica, I’m adding a new category, “Kids in the Kitchen”, to identify meals your kids can make themselves!

Don’t forget, eggs are great to include in your kids diet!  Eggs:

  • Contain all 9 essential amino acids
  • Are good for your eyes (helps prevent Macular Degeneration)
  • Regulate the brain, nervous system, and cardiovascular system.
  • May help prevent strokes
  • Contain Naturally occurring Vitamin D
  • Promotes healthy hair and nails.

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Take the pre-packed cinnamon rolls that come in a tube and put them in the waffle iron (one per section), close the lid for about 2-3 minutes and they are done. Then you can drizzle the icing as your “syrup”. Way faster than waiting for the oven!

Love this idea and of teaching kids to cook. Like you said, they are going to be on their own some day and will have to eat! 🙂

My uncle totally made these for us growing up! Everyone thought he was so weird, but I don’t understand why: They taste good! Thanx for the fun memory tonite!

And Mark says we’re totally making these for breakfast tomorrow.

I love this idea. i have been trying to get my kids to eat eggs and had no luck. They love waffles so they might be tricked on what they are eating. Will they be able to taste the eggs.?

Thank you for the simple, yet brilliant idea! Or should I say, thank your daughter! I’m always looking for recipe ideas that my kids can make themselves! I’m totally having them make this for dinner tonight! 🙂 I’ll be checking this section often!