Five Fun (and Semi-Sneaky) Ways to Get Kids Exercising

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With Pokemon Go getting millions of kids (and grown ups) out the door and moving with the simple click of a smartphone – parents are now pondering what other playful activities can have a similar effect. And while that’s not to say that exercise for exercise sake is not an impactful and extremely beneficial way to activate a child (have you ever seen the victorious smile of a 7 year old try showing off a push up or a plank? ) — for those looking for a more surreptitious angle to motivate movement here are five simple ways to a productively positive day.

Note: All activities and the many others like it are predicated on the same premise: Fun.

Encourage FUNctional Fitness

Make the Playground your Outdoor Fitness Center




Dance, Dance.Dance


Buddy System



Games Kids Play


Bring along a healthy snack for in between breaks and your kids are sure to stay active and entertained for hours.

Five Fun (and Semi-Sneaky) Ways to Get Kids Exercising

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We have a daughter just a few months over two, I guess were lucky since she’s so energetic and really has a passion for dancing already.
I saw it was one of your recommendations and it made me smile, we encourage her doing it as it really gives her a fun workout.