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15 Easy and Fresh Summer Lunch Ideas

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Look forward to lunch with these healthy summer lunch ideas that use the best seasonal produce and simple prep!

Summer is almost here! Kids will be on summer vacation soon and days will be filled with outdoor adventures, exploration and fun activities.

We parents are suddenly faced with feeding kids ALL day, and serving lunch at home again can take some getting used to!

Make summer meal planning easy with 15 of our favorite summer lunch recipes. These recipes are easy to make (or make ahead!) and they use heat elements sparingly. So you can keep your kitchen cool and eat well without a fuss on hot summer days! Enjoy!

15 Easy Healthy Summer Lunches for Families

1. Black Bean Turkey Salad

Black Bean Turkey Salad is a nourishing, high-protein lunch bowl you can prep ahead and eat for days! Black beans, brown rice, colorful veggies, and convenient deli turkey are tossed in a quick homemade vinaigrette.

2. Pita Pizza with Veggies

Easy and fun pita pizzas make a perfect quick-cooking summer lunch! Choose whole grain pita bread and have your kids top their own.

3. Mini Rainbow Sandwiches

These cute mini sandwiches are packed with vitamins and fun for little ones to eat! Get those raw and refreshing crunchy veggies into their meal tucked inside soft whole grain bread.

4. Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad in Avocado Bowls

Add a fun and nutritious twist to chicken salad by serving it in avocado bowls! The bowls add potassium, fiber and flavor to the  meal.

5. Perfect Kid Salad

How To Build the Perfect Toddler Salad. Salads do not have to be served in a bowl! We like to think outside the box!

All year long you can create easy salads that all kids will love. For summer, add baby tomatoes, lettuce, berries and cucumbers to create a lunch that is fresh and full of summer flavors.

6. Healthy Grilled Cheese Wafflewich

Fast and fun grilled cheese, cooked fast in your waffle maker! There’s even spinach tucked inside these fun sandwiches, and wouldn’t fresh basil be a fun summery addition?

7. Kid-Friendly Pasta Salad

Simple, cool pasta salads made with whole wheat noodles and fresh veggies make a perfect summer lunch for kids and grownups alike!

8. Mexican Pinwheels

These little pinwheels are flavorful, packed with protein and veggies and super fast to whip up! Perfect to pack up and take to the park on a summer day!

9. Cobb Salad with Avocado

A hearty and refreshing Cobb salad packed with protein, fresh veggies, and flavor! Share your “Mom Lunch” with your kids!

10. Veggie Lunch Wrap for Kids

Simple cream cheese and fresh veggies are rolled up in this no-cook wrap that works great for a backyard picnic!

11. Grilled Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwich

Here’s a new take on classic PB sandwich! Lightly grill whole grain bread with a nut butter spread, cinnamon, and fresh fruit. It’s a boost of plant-powered protein!

12. Turkey Ranch Wrap

These no-cook wraps feature protein-rich turkey (use leftover cooked chicken if you like!) shredded cheese, and crunchy salad veggies with a splash of kid-friendly ranch dressing.

13. Salad Jars

Use fresh produce from your garden to fresh salad for lunch.  We love that you can prep these ahead of time, and then have a yummy salad ready whenever you want to eat lunch.  And these are super portable – great for a picnic lunch!

14. Sweet Potato Quesadillas with Black Beans

You can’t go wrong with quesadillas! These meatless quesadillas feature beans and two veggies and are ready to eat after just a few minutes in a skillet.

15. Quinoa Stuffed Mini Bell Nachos

Quinoa Stuffed Mini Bell Nachos. A super healthy appetizer!

Who doesn’t love nachos? These nachos are a fun and healthy twist on the classic with mini bell peppers and quinoa.

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