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Crib Climbing and Moving from a Crib to a Bed


If you have a little monkey who can effortlessly climb out of the crib you might be considering making the crib to bed transition.  The move from crib to bed can be an exciting milestone for your little one.  It’s important to do some planning regarding the transition to ensure your child continues to sleep well through the move.

What to do when your child starts climbing out of their crib! Making the move from a crib to a bed. www.superhealthykids.com

When should you make the move?

What other factors should you consider?

What can you do to extend the use of the crib?

How can you make the transition from crib to bed go smoothly?

What can you do if your little one keeps getting out of bed?

Alysa Dobson is a mom, wife and a Certified Child Sleep Consultant.  As a mother to two former insomniacs, turned amazing sleepers, Alysa enjoys helping other families get the sleep they need.  You can read more of Alysa’s writing at http://www.sleepwellbaby.ca/category/blog/ or contact her at [email protected].

Moving from a Crib to a Bed


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I have 2 years old baby boy. last few days i am thinking to move him crib to bed. Thanks for sharing some helpful tips transition from crib to bed. It’s really helpful for me.

My 19 month old daughter constantly climbing out of the crib. She wears a sleep sack at bedtime and nap time however it doesnt stop her at all. We silently put her back to bed, quite literally 10-15 times a night. We take shifts sitting out side her bedroom door. She is extremely tired, but extremely stubborn. We dont want to move her to a toddler bed as that won’t help the situation. This has been going on for about 3 months. Any other suggestions? We are exhausted/frustrated.

Great info. I have a question, Is proper ventilation system through plastic, metal grommets or the slits important for mattress?