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10 Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas + Tips

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Elevate your Christmas morning with these easy and delicious breakfast ideas that add a dash of festive joy to your celebrations. From fluffy pancakes to savory breakfast casseroles, these breakfast recipes will let you savor the magic of the season without sacrificing precious family time.

Tips to make breakfast go smoothly on Christmas morning

  • Have a plan. Know what you are going to serve so that breakfast is a no-brainer on Christmas morning.
  • Make ahead. Many of the items listed below can be made in advance and reheated for Christmas breakfast.  Have some sides ready to go if you want to serve something with the items below, such as hard cook eggs, yogurt, fruit, whole wheat English muffins, or other breakfast favorites.
  • Disposable dishes. If you know you’ll have a crowd at your house on Christmas and want to start the day with minimal kitchen cleaning, allowing your family to use disposable dishes is a huge time saver.
  • Enlist help. Sure, Christmas is filled with visions of gifts, family fun, and more, but kids of almost any age can be given tasks to help.  Have the older kids load up the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher.  Have the younger children wipe down the table.  Having the kids (and adults too) do age appropriate chores helps you to stay focused on the joy of the day by not overworking yourself.

Reindeer Pancakes

These pancakes make an adorable and delicious holiday breakfast. They couldn't be easier to make, leaving you more time to enjoy the morning. And your kids will love them!

Mini Cinnamon Rolls: Step By Step Instructions

These Mini Cinnamon Rolls are a bite-sized version of a classic cinnamon roll with a soft, pillowy interior and a golden brown exterior that's slightly crispy drizzled with a sweet glaze. These bites are made with half the sugar of other cinnamon roll recipes and are just as delicious!

Blueberry French Toast Casserole

This Blueberry French Toast Casserole has the perfect mix of sweet cinnamon and juicy blueberry all wrapped in a creamy custard that is amazingly delicious with every bite.

Ricotta Filled Crepe Recipe

Breakfast Casserole Recipe (Easy, Delicious, and Healthy)

Made with savory sourdough bread, crispy bacon, colorful bell peppers, flavorful mushrooms, and creamy eggs, this breakfast casserole is a crowd-pleaser that's sure to become a breakfast staple in your home.

Baked French Toast

Baked French Toast is a deliciously warm and comforting breakfast casserole with just the perfect amount of sweetness. It feeds a crowd, can be prepped ahead, and takes just minutes to throw together.

German Pancakes

Light and fluffy German Pancakes make a delicious family breakfast that are quick enough for a weekday breakfast or can be fancied up for a special occasion! 

Spinach Quiche

This savory Spinach Quiche is a delicious recipe that is not only impressive, but easy to make too! It's a versatile dish that is perfect for brunch, holiday breakfasts, or weeknight dinners.

Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal

This Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal is sweet, chewy, and full of warm cinnamon flavor. And it's full of nourishing ingredients that will keep you satisfied all morning long- unlike the breakfast treat that inspired it!

Best Ever Healthy Waffle Recipe

These Whole Wheat Waffles are crisp on the outside, and deliciously light and chewy on the inside. From Sunday morning brunch to quick weekday breakfast, these waffles do it all!

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