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Introducing Our Free Connected Cooking App: A New Way to Cook at Home


Connected cooking is a new way of organizing family mealtime. And Prepear is the app that lets you do it! Save your recipes, plan meals, shop for groceries, and cook simply. All in one great place. Download Prepear for free today.

the prepear app for home cooks

At Super Healthy Kids, we’re not afraid to dream big. It’s why we started our business: we believed we could reach millions of busy families with our message of health and inspiration. We wanted you to know that your kids WILL learn to enjoy fruits and veggies. And that the work you do to feed your family right truly matters!

We’ve been so blessed to have so much support over the years, and so much feedback from our readers about your personal struggles and successes with home cooking.

It’s what’s driven us to do even more… to do something truly huge. We built an app that connects all the pieces of your home cooking process in a way that finally makes sense.

The Free Connected Cooking App is Here

Introducing Prepear, the first free connected cooking app that coaches you through your ENTIRE mealtime process, from recipe discovery, to meal planning, to shopping, prepping, and cooking.

It’s amazing, it’s free, and it’s finally here! Download it now:

Here’s how Prepear helps you organize your home cooking process better than ever before:

Save and Organize ALL Your Recipes

With Prepear, you can save and store any recipe from your friends, your favorite food bloggers, or your own family recipes. Collect them in your own digital, shareable Cookbook, and organize them into collections so you can find what you’re looking for, fast.

The best part? Not having to Google recipes, search through your email, or try to remember where you wrote it down on a piece of paper.

collecting recipes in the prepear app

Meal Planning

Prepear’s intuitive Meal Planner lets you create a weekly menu in minutes. Customize and share with a tap. Plan just dinners, or plan a full menu, including snacks!

meal planning in the connected cooking app, prepear

Smart Grocery Lists

Create a grocery list in two seconds that automatically matches your plan. No time for a meal plan? Add ingredients to a grocery list directly from a recipe screen. Quick-add any extra items (don’t forget the napkins!) and then you’re ready to shop.

Prepear lets you get your groceries delivered, or have them ready for pickup at the store, so you don’t have to take your kids into the store. (Hallelujah!)

If you like shopping in person, just take your list into the store and check off ingredients while you shop.

grocery app prepear

Cook Your Recipes, Simply

Cooking is easier with the recipe screens in Prepear. The display is SO thoughtfully-designed. As if it’s created by people who actually cook a lot at home. Because it is. 😉

Move the slider up and down to reveal more or less of the ingredients list and directions. Check off ingredients and steps as you go to keep track of where you are in the recipe. No more missed ingredients!

Your phone stays awake and so you don’t have to constantly touch your screen (with dough on your hands, ugh) to wake it up.

Add your own recipes and food pics right into your Cookbook to use anytime, and share with our cool community of home cooks.

recipe screen in prepear app

And More, and More, and More

Come explore the Prepear app to see more of what you can do, like organize you pantry, (WHAT? Yes!) see what your friends are cooking, and share your recipe reviews with other home cooks!

Get the app on iPhone

Get the app on Android

Have questions or thoughts about the app? Leave ’em in the comments! And thanks for being part of the connected cooking revolution.


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