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10 Summer Breakfast Ideas

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A great summer breakfast is balanced, tastes great, and won’t take all morning to make. Check out our assortment of low-effort, low-heat breakfasts to fuel active kids in the warmer months.

Summer breakfast ideas for kids

The breakfast rhythm changes in summertime. School’s out. The air feels warm. And of course, the sun is up at an unholy hour. (Hopefully your kids aren’t!)

What doesn’t change in the summer is that kids of all ages still need a tasty, balanced breakfast to get them going in the morning.

We’ve created a roundup of summer breakfast ideas you can add to your rotation for a morning meal that’s yummy, filled with nutritious ingredients, and anything but boring.

What Makes a Good Summer Breakfast

Here are some of the things we looked for in recipes we included in this roundup:

  • Balanced, nourishing ingredients
  • Fun presentation and fabulous taste
  • Simple instructions, so you don’t spend all morning cooking.
  • Limited use of heating elements
  • Fresh fruits and veggies

I hope you find a few ideas that jive with your tastes and style. Now on to the list!

10 Summer Breakfast Ideas

1. Yogurt Parfait

A yogurt parfait is fast, fun, nourishing, and cooling on muggy summer mornings. Try our version with fresh berries and your favorite granola.

2. Egg in a Basket

We love this breakfast because it feels special and fun but it’s super quick and simple to make. Serve your Egg in a Basket (or do you call it Toad in a Hole?) with a side of fresh summer fruits.

3. Banana Bread Overnight Oats

It might be too warm to bake up banana bread, but these banana bread overnight oats dish out that familiar flavor in chilled form.

4. Green Peach Smoothie

Peaches are sweetest and juiciest in summer. Buy fresh peaches during peak season, then slice and freeze to make this green smoothie extra tasty.

5. Freezable French Toast Sticks

Try these sticks that can be made ahead and frozen, and reheated in the microwave! (Kids’ self-serve breakfast while you steal a few extra minutes in bed? Sounds right up our alley.) Use whole grain bread for the best nutrition.

6. Protein-Packed Breakfast Burritos

These delicious, southwestern-style burritos take a little extra time to assemble, but they taste amazing and you can easily take them along on your morning adventures. Bonus points for eating veggies with breakfast!

7. Breakfast Egg Cups

veggie egg cups or egg muffins in a pan

Here’s another egg-celent take-along breakfast that’s packed with protein and veggies. Make a batch on Sunday and enjoy them all week. (They’re even good cold.)

8. Lemon Raspberry Chia Pudding

Your kids will love this refreshing, no-cook summer breakfast bursting with fresh seasonal flavors. Chia seeds and raspberries are filled with healthy fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

9. Fruity Nut n’ Honey Energy Bites

Speaking of no-cook recipes, your kids will love these tasty little bites. We’ve made them low in added sugars, so you don’t have to worry about your kids having a sugar rush on a hot morning. Pepitas and almond butter provide plant proteins.

10. Kid-Friendly Protein Waffle

high protein waffle with egg and berries

Sunday morning summer breakfast coming up! In this genius fried-egg-waffle combo, an egg cooks along with waffle batter right in the iron. Serve it with fresh fruit and a drizzle of real maple syrup.

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