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Power Puff Pancakes

One of these weeks I would like to do a full week of vegetable puree recipes!  But here is one to start us off.  First, to review my stand on "hiding vegetables", you can read these other posts.

These pancakes would be most appropriate on Valentines day.  I couldn't believe how PINK they turned out, just by adding beet puree.  Coloring your food with vegetables rather than fake coloring is way better for your family!  Plus, you really can't taste the beets, I mean.. really!

So, here is the easy jist of it.

Wrap beets in foil. Cook at 400 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. (like you would a potato)




I did this Friday night, and then let the beets sit out on the counter to cool all night.  I the morning, I came back, unwrapped, peeled (the skin slid right off), and sliced. Then I put the slices in my super cheap, $25 food processor.  I added a drop of water to get the chunks to puree a little better.

DSC_2422 For two beets, I ended up with a little over half a cup.DSC_2428 I mixed up some pancakes using the regular recipe (I actually used the Heart Healthy Bisquick, but you could use any pancake mix, like this homemade one)

Then I added 1/3 cup of the beet puree, plus a little extra liquid to make the batter a little more runny.



WHEW! Look at the PINKNESS!!

DSC_2433 DSC_2464




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05/10/2010 6:39am
Wow, those look so pretty!
05/10/2010 7:34am
I would make these heart-shaped for Valentine's Day! In the meantime, what a fun, nutritious, beautiful breakfast.
05/10/2010 11:40am
I LOVE this idea!!!
05/10/2010 11:57am
Holy pinkness! That is pretty cool that it is all natural color!
05/10/2010 1:14pm
I love the pink pancakes! And I love your daughters look like, "what in the world did Mom make?" Exactly the look I get everyday from my kids when I make a new meal. This one, I've gotta try! I use veggie colorants, (India Tree) but never seem to have time to color with real vegetables. But I'm trying this one. You should try my broccoli brownies. They turned out SO good. My kids actually request me to make them all the time.
05/10/2010 2:48pm
WOW!! COLOR! So you said you can REALLY taste the beets. Is that a good thing? I have limited beet experience and seems like they always taste like dirt, no matter how much I scrub or peal them. I have never roasted them though, just juiced or chopped to throw in salads. Those are just so beautiful!
05/10/2010 3:14pm
They are so pretty - I just want to eat them. May have to go in search of beets this week, and freak my husband out this weekend!
05/10/2010 6:29pm
Stacey (sorry, no email access for a few days)... Actually, we could NOT taste the beets :)
02/06/2011 6:01pm
I'm thinking about pancakes these for Valentines Day. Or maybe the day before because it's a Sunday and I'll have more time.
02/14/2011 11:33am
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06/09/2011 1:56pm
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01/23/2012 8:41am
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Annie Ostler
02/08/2013 9:38am
Super good. My kids inhaled these.
02/12/2013 5:51am
Love it!! Thanks Annie.
07/28/2014 11:47pm
I just wonder how to fry several pancakes at once in a pan, like those in your picture? They have perfect round shape!
07/30/2014 11:59am
I used a large electric griddle. I also use a small measuring cup (like 1/4 cup) to pour the batter on. That way, they are all the same size.

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