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Choose MyPlate

The Dietary Guidelines for a Balanced Lunch {with the help of our favorite lunch boxes}

With all the conflicting health news, new research, marketing, and propaganda, it's sometimes difficult to know what the right things to feed your kids are.  That's why I love the simple message of the US dietary guidelines.  The Choose MyPlate icon was designed to reflect these guidelines for healthy eating and make them easy to follow.   They are listed below:   (print) .... read more

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MyPlate for the Picky Eater

Teaching balanced eating to children can sometimes be difficult to achieve.  Often, kids want to eat only what they want to eat, and don't really care or think about eating for nutritional purposes.   My kids get stuck in food ruts, where they want to eat the same thing for every meal days in a row.  Part of children learning and growing is that they are able to make their own food .... read more

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Healthy Holidays- Fruit for Dessert!

I'll never forget one Japanese exchange student we had stay with us. Her name was Anna, and we are still friends almost 8 years later. One night, in asking her about the dietary customs of Japan she told us "Japanese families have dessert every night!"   A bit surprised, I asked what they ate for dessert.  She quickly told me: "Fruit!" Wouldn't that be a wonderful custom?  I lov.... read more

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Top 10 Healthy MyPlate Inspired Crockpot Meals

A slow cooker is one of the best ways to have dinner waiting for you in order to avoid the drive-thru!   However, just the food you put in the slow cooker, may not make a complete and balanced meal! Pair your plate with veggies, fruit, grain, and proteins, and you have the perfect MyPlate meal! At Super Healthy Kids, we are big fans of the dietary recommendations to make half your plate frui.... read more

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How to Get Your Kids To Be Good Eaters Using Choose My Plate

We gets lots of emails from parents telling us they know how important it is to feed their kids healthy foods, but they're just not sure how to do it. Despite my own background in nutrition, I have had to go through some trial and error with my own kids.  In fact, sometimes it seems like every day is a trial and error.  I think as parents we all have good intentions of feeding our k.... read more

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Protein Choices for Kids and Choose My Plate

Kids need protein to build, repair, grow, and maintain all cells in the body. Protein takes a primary role in the growth of muscle and tissue growth and repair. Sometimes it is hard to think of good protein choices for kids.  Often, meat is the first choice that comes to mind.  For children under 36 months, meat can be difficult to chew and is sometimes not appealing to children of .... read more

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How to Use ChooseMyPlate

Did you know that the Food Guide Pyramid is now a thing of the past?  If you didn't, you are not alone!  There are a lot of people who didn't realize that the new way of teaching nutrition in the United States is the ChooseMyPlate icon.   The food guide pyramid changed a lot of times over the years, and this was the most recent one: There are a lot of reasons that the USDA decide.... read more

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MyPlate Meal Ideas

Check out our meal ideas for making half your meal fruits and vegetables!   Feeding our kids healthy food doesn't need to be complicated. A few simple rules, summarized from the most recent dietary guidelines is a fast and easy pattern to follow.  The latest 2010 dietary guidelines include: Balancing Calories: Eat less and avoid over sized portions Make half your plate fruits&n.... read more

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Tools For Teaching and Grant Opportunities

Current Nutrition Education Grants School Grants for Healthy Kids : 1000 Schools can receive grants from $500-$5000 to support school breakfast and physical activity programs- Deadline May 2, 2014  Apply Here. Lesson Plans- School Age Pre-school The Alphabet's Healthiest Food Academy Red light/ green light foods Rainbow foods list Kindergarten-2nd grade(Teaching Choose.... read more

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Family Fun Magazine and Meal Plans

Today was exciting for me as I noticed the March issue of Family Fun at Target!  I had heard they featured my plates on page 37, I turned straight there, and there it was!  Thank you Family Fun! This is the best day ever! For those that are new to Super Healthy Kids, here is a little background:  I started this blog in 2007 to sell some kids plates I had designed. My intention in.... read more

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Toddler Perfect Chicken Nuggets

We've all made chicken nuggets using bite size pieces of chicken, rolled in a breading, and baked, right?  We eat those a lot and love them!  But, I got to thinking about how hard that is for kids to chew! Sometimes, meat can be tough for toddlers without all their teeth.  One reason processed nuggets are so popular among little kids (beyond the salt, fat, and chemicals), is of cour.... read more

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8 MyPlate Lesson ideas for K-2nd Grade

Whether you are teaching in school, homeschool, or you just like to teach your kids about nutrition, use these lesson ideas to make education fun! For more free printable nutrition lesson plans go here.  Also check out Healthy kids Challenge for great nutrition curriculum tools! Choose MyPlate: Introduce to the class the different foods that comprise the new MyPlate guidelines using visual.... read more

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Choose My Plate, The New 2010 Dietary Guidelines Food Icon

Officially revealed, the new USDA dietary guidelines have been symbolized in the shape of a plate called MyPlate.  I couldn't be more excited.  This idea is nothing new for registered dietitians, as they've been teaching this for years.  It is definitely a better way for the USDA to teach the public how their guidelines translates into what they should be putting on their plates. A.... read more

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The New USDA Food Plate Icon

usda food plate
USDA officially unveiled a new icon to represent the 2010 Dietary Guidelines.  The former image, that of the food guide pyramid will be replaced with the image of a food plate.  The plate will look similar to those already used by the American Diabetes Association, the Cancer Research Institute and the physicians Power Plate.  As a family who has been using the healthy plate idea.... read more

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Whole Wheat Pasta

We had whole wheat pasta with parmesan cheese and sauteed mushrooms for dinner.  It was great.  There is so much you can do with pasta! I could devote an entire blog to pasta and my absolute affinity for all things carb.  If you have not converted to whole-wheat pasta yet, let me convince you: Three times the fiber Certain brands are just as smooth as white pasta, not gritt.... read more

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Chicken Dinner

Do you have a meal that you cook weekly? One that you know your kids won't complain about. One that is fast and you always have the ingredients for.  One that is mostly healthy, no creamy, fattening sauces.  One that when you make different variations of it your kids protest because it's not the same familiar meal they are used to.  One that makes your kids say, "more dinner pl.... read more

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It's here!

The day has finally arrived!  I thought it was never going to come. But it has, and it's here! I have created a children's plate called the "Healthy Habits Plate".  It is designed to teach children good nutrition in a simple and visual way.  The plate makes it easy to teach kids proper portions of food in a meal. This should be 1/2 fruits and vegetables, 1/4 protei.... read more

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After School Snack

Doesn't this look delicious.  It reminds me of spring, and we are anxiously awaiting spring.   We had a few hours of sun yesterday and it was terrific. This an example of a balanced snack.  There were frozen strawberries that I defrosted.  Some mini-muffins, and a little plain yogurt for some protein.  The toothpick can be used to stab and dip the strawberries into.... read more

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What food group is chocolate in?

When I took my first nutrition class in college, I was taught the "four food groups".  Do you remember that? It seems like ages ago!  Then there was the "Food guide Pyramid"  And now of course is "MyPyramid.  Do your kids know about it?  My kids know MyPyramid better than they know their multiplication tables.  Mostly because the MyPyramid poster is inside the pantry .... read more

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