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Today’s Lunch: Assembly Required


We have LOVED reading your lunch ideas on our big lunch giveaway!  Your ideas are what inspired today’s post, 100%!  So many of your kids like the lunchable, assemble at school style lunches, so my kids and I put together 4 of them that they said they’d be excited to take to school!

Today’s Lunch: Assembly Required

Lunch 1) The Taco Salad Bar

We love this for dinner, so why not for lunch? The best part of this is keeping the ingredients separate makes sure that your chips don’t get soggy.  We also like saving the dressing for right before eating.  So, we included:

  • Lots of greens (romaine lettuce)
  • Black Beans
  • Chopped tomato
  • Chopped avocado (with a squirt of lemon juice to protect it from browning)
  • Chips on the side
  • and grapes for dessert

Lunch 2) The Original Lunchable

One thing we learned from our Japanese exchange students, is that true Bento boxes are stuffed with veggies to eat, as well as protect the cups of other foods from jostling around in the box.

We included:

  • Broccoli and Snow peas, with ranch for dipping
  • Multi-grain crackers
  • Turkey pepperoni
  • Sliced cheese
  • and Pineapple for dessert

Lunch #3  Breakfast for Lunch

I had a friend post to facebook the other day:

Literally, right after she wrote that, we had someone leave a comment on the giveaway saying they send granola, fruit, and yogurt with their kids to school because their kids don’t like sandwiches! Why not? It’s delicious.  So, we made this one:

We added:

  • Granola (homemade if you like it!)
  • Extra nuts (walnuts)
  • Extra dried fruit (dried cherries)
  • Peaches
  • Strawberries
  • Greek yogurt
  • and chocolate chips for dessert

Lunch #4  The Stinky Tuna Sandwich

I saw this lunch that a girl brought on a field trip last year with the 4th graders. Her mom had packed the tuna in a separate bag. Once lunchtime hit, she made her own sandwich. She told me she loved tuna sandwiches, but that she thought it got kind of soggy if the sandwich were made in the morning, so she takes it to school separately.

For this one we used:

  • Two slices whole wheat bread
  • A bag of premade tuna salad
  • Lettuce leaves
  • and Peaches

So, there you go!! It’s fun to let your kids put their lunch together when lunchtime comes.  Each of these lunches took us less than 5 minutes to get together, and all of them are delicious!

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Another fun ‘lunchable’ idea is the pizza party:
Whole Wheat pita bread triangles
turkey pepperoni
shredded cheese
veggies of choice
pizza sauce
fruit for dessert

I also used your Apple Nachos recipe from my meal plan and packed that as a ‘lunchable’ type lunch.

Thanks for all of the great ideas. It has really helped me to get out of the sandwich-for-lunch rut. I love your meal plan! It’s the only one that I have found that ALL of the picky eaters in my house enjoy!

Love those pictures, they just scream out “healthy meal” to me! Not sure what it’s like your side of the pond, but here in the UK more and more schools won’t allow kids to bring in packed lunches unless the contents are from a “pre-approved” list. Sad really. Anyway, some great ideas there for my next lunch, never mind the kids!

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Pre-approved?! Really? Why on earth would they restrict what you are allowed to give your own child for lunch? After all the awful school lunches I’ve seen on Jamie Oliver I am angry that they blocking you from giving your child a healthy meal left right and centre.

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Everything looks so pretty and colorful but wouldn’t these get mixed up when you close the lid and carry the laptop lunch case upright? That’s my biggest problem, keeping food from getting mixed up.

Help! I love your lunch ideas and have tried a few but my son refuses to eat them! He has ADHD and the meds keep him from feeling hungry plus he has recess right before lunch time. Last year he ate PB&J every day but will not touch it this year. Since he won’t eat much it needs to be protein packed. Any suggestions??

We send tuna with rice crackers instead of bread and do the same with egg salad. Thanks for all the great tips! Very helpful for new healthy lunches.

Thanks for the ideas! We do tuna salad a lot, too. My kids like a small container of tuna with crackers on the side for dipping. Or they dollop it on top the cracker with their spoon. 🙂