A Bento Revolution


I just can’t get enough of the great Bento products out there. Amanda commented on a prior post about this store and it has some awesome stuff!  Plus everything averages around $1.00!   Check out the cute Bento stuff I got.  So much better than a Hannah Montanna lunch pail or other boxes that your kids think they want.


And the accesories! The little vials are sauce holders. We put ranch in so she can dip her carrots. The fork and spoon I love for when I send small bowls of fruit. Otherwise, I think its tough sometimes to send fruits and vegetables to school. And the little toothpicks are just cute. The matching bento box I ordered was out of stock.

A few tips on getting fruits and vegetables to school or in a lunch box.

  • Dried fruit (in a bag, mix, or as Fruit Leather).
  • Send 100% fruit juice
  • Slice fruit with a portable dip such as yogurt or cottage cheese.
  • Applesauce.
  • Chopped up greens in a sealable bag.  Send a fork and some dressing.
  • Add your vegetables to the sandwich.
  • Include vegetable soup to be reheated later.
  • Add vegetables to baked goods (like zucchini bread) and send that in their lunch.

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I got hooked on bento a little over a year ago, it’s like an addiction!! My oldest daughter is overweight and bento is a great way to control portions.

Here is an inspirational bento site to give ideas, I totally relied on it at first. (My bento pics are in the group too under the name ckbagby)Now I just try to make our bento’s as colorful as possible so that means a lot of fruit and veggies!


Isn’t that store so addicting!? It was awesome living around the corner from it in San Francisco. I also loved all their gift wrap items which also were always around $1. So happy that you guys are finding so many fun ideas. 🙂

Love Bento boxes too! Just a reminder to everyone to be careful about the plastic you buy. Number 5 seems to be the safest while number 7 leaches the most toxins into your food. Opt for stainless steel whenever possible.