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Fruit Tart with Walnut Date Crust


A fruit tart doesn’t have to be bad for you! We made this one with a super healthy crust, and some homemade pudding that your kids are going to love! We only added the face because it was fun! We like this dish because we included the awesome heart healthy ingredient: WALNUTS!  Walnuts are a super food. They are packed with omega 3 fats and contain antioxidants that are good for your heart.With only two *healthy ingredients in the crust, you could pretty much fill these tarts with anything you want! We used some homemade pudding and love it!

Walnuts also reduce inflammation, decrease cholesterol, and even reduce the risk of cancer! (Plus they are so yummy!)

Kids enjoy their fruit tart with walnut date crust.

I was excited about trying this no-bake tart crust I saw on WHFoods.  The only two ingredients were dates and walnuts.

The only things to use are:

  • 1 cup dates
  • 2 cups of walnuts

Place in a food processor and blend until smooth.  Then press the dough in a tart dish or pie plate, and chill while you decide or assemble the filling! SO EASY!

This crust is perfect as is, but we were thinking you could add a million other healthy ingredients and it would still taste good.  How about adding:

  • Coconut
  • Orange zest
  • wheat germ
  • oats
  • Dried apricots

STEP 1) The ingredients (just walnuts and dates)

Simple ingredients are used to make this delicious fruit tart!

STEP 2) Blend it up (we used a food processor, but you could also use a blender.)

Kids can't resist eating this delicious fruit tart!

Step 3) Press in dish and chill.

This fruit tart crust is so easy to make.

Step 4) Assemble with fruit and pudding (or anything you want) and eat!  We filled ours with pudding and fruit.  Some puddings you might like are:

You can go creative with your fruit tart!


(Giveaway is closed! congrats to Alexandra.)  Today is the last installment of “Love Your Heart February!” where we post heart healthy meal ideas with three other bloggers.  Today, the last day of February, we are of course posting DESSERT! Also up for your drooling pleasure is:

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I am so excited to try this dessert. So happy that we don’t have to give up the yummy stuff to eat healthy! Thanks for sharing.

This looks great. I’ve never tried a fruit tart before, but it can’t get much easier than this. I made a super easy vanilla pudding the other day (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/creamy-vanilla-pudding/) which I bet would be great. It could be dressed up with all sorts of fruit, mix some bananas in to the pudding too. Also made homemade ice cream the other night and I’m thinking since homemade ice cream comes out like a soft serve, this could be a good crust for a fun cold treat?!

Mmm, I love walnuts! I wonder if my kids would like it with them ground up since they aren’t big on nuts yet (they are 3).

Going to buy my food processor today! Will give these a try for the kids after school snack. They will love it! Thanks! 🙂

These look amazing! Thank you so much for the wealth of ideas on this site. I refer people here all the time when they compliment my creations! Haha! Also, big fan of Bob’s Red Mill!!

The walnut crust looks amazing. I am going to try it out, I think my 2 year old would love it! Thanks for the great idea!

I love how fruit tarts/pizza’s! I’m excited to try and make this! If you don’t have wheat germ, is there something else that you can substitute for it?

Love all your healthy and colorful recipes and plus they are very delicious I have tried many of them and my kids always eat everything I put in their plates. And i wil be making these easy fruit tart.thanks for sharing all your delicious recipes.

LOVE the crust – super simple!! I’m just starting making homemade sweets so not sure what to substitute for the filling as the picture looks like it’s a pudding and I’d prefer something a little healthier. Definitely a great idea I’ll try when I figure out an equally simple/tasty/healthy filling!

That’s an awesome Healthy nutty crust.
I’m also looking for ways to make nutritious and healthy meals for my kids and this one is going to be on my to do list for sure.

Mmmmm, makes me ready for dessert, even though I haven’t had dinner yet! I’d love to win Bob’s Mill products to help “healthatize” my pantry. 🙂

i love the fruit tart! i can’t wait to make it for my kids. what a great snack for they get home from school! Thanks 🙂

Love your ideas to make food fun and creative! I use as many as possible. I wish I could use them all, but one of my sons has an egg allergy! Keep up the good work!

oh I can’t wait to be a mom and make healthy, fun treats for my kids!! 🙂 heck, why not start making healthy, fun treats for me! thank you for the ideas and tips

I love it! The walnuts and dates are a perfect crust. Now I need to get some filling for it! yogurt and fruit perhaps! YUM!

I and my kids have a sweet tooth so if we can justify dessert as healthy we’re happy. Dessert is a great way to end healthy heart month. I love the faces on your foods to make them more fun for kids. Thanks. <3

I LOVE Bob’s products. My son (2 yrs old) loves their 10 grain oatmeal and muesli!! I just wish it wasn’t over $4.00 a bag since we eat it so quickly. This is why I would love to win some!! I also use the flax seed to add to many of my recipes to add nutritional value!

The fruit tart is so pretty i am inspire to make it. My whole family loves Bob Mills products. And it is vegan friendly. What a great idea for a giveaway!

I would love to win the Bob Mills products! Great prize. Also, I can’t wait to try the no bake crust:)

I love Bob’s Red Mill products! Just found your website via Pinterest and the recipes look delicious! Can’t wait to try a few!

I am grateful for the opportunity to enter and would love to win this fantastic prize. It would be just the kickstart I’m looking for to making some healthy treats for my little one. 🙂

Would love some Bob’s Red Mill products! Just got introduced to them back in January when we had to start living gluten-free in my house!

I love Bob’s products! Would really love to win this one :). I also love the walnut, date crust. So yummy – cant wait to try it.

Thank you for all you share! Look forward to trying this (and I love bobs red mill!) we use a lot of the brown rice cereal

Thanks for offering this chance to win Bob’s Red Mill merchandise! And thank you for the great website!

I am SO lucky that my husband works across the street from the GIANT Bob’s Red Mill factory/store… so much great and healthy products!

This website is a hit! I have passed on this site to so many friends. I can’t stop singing the praises of how much i learn! As a super busy mama to a 18 month old picky eater – the ease of your recipe ideas takes so much guess work out of my quest for healthy meals. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to this site. It is such an Inspiration! I would Love to win Bob’s products – they are fantastic and trustworthy! It would be a huge gift to receive some of them and try new ones! Thanks again for all you do!

I love your cute and healthy food ideas! You take amazing pictures too! Thank you for your time you invest into helping us have fun eating healthy!

I love all of your ideas/recipes! I would also love to win Bob’s Red Mill goodies! 🙂 I love them but my family has trouble fitting them into our budget since they’re a tad pricey!

Thanks so much for the wonderful advice for kids! I’m newish to your site and so far wonderful. Didn’t know about your give-a-ways and think its great. We use some of BRM products and think they are great too.

We use a lot of Bob’s in our house, love those products. This tart is too cute! Can’t wait to try it

The tart looks so tasty!! I would love to win this giveaway! And I follow Bob’s Red Mill on Twitter.

I LOVE Bob’s Red Mills products and would love to use them to bake healthy treats and meals! Great idea about the tart crust, I will have to try that ASAP!

I have never tried Bob’s Red Mills products and would love to try them. I am in a bad cooking rut and need a boost!!!

Bob’s Red Mill is one of my favorite places to shop and go to lunch. I love looking at all their products that is offered to help me cook healthier for my family.

I’ve only tried one of Bob’s Red Mill products and loved it. Would love to try more of their products. What a fantastic giveaway!

Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free products are my favorite – so many choices, safe for all my dietary restrictions, and fabulous for all my baking and cooking needs. Thank you Bob! You Rock my kitchen and make my dishes so delicious! I would love to win your products. Thank you for the opportunity.

Bob’s Red Mill steel-cut oats are amazing. I look forward to trying more of their wonderful products!

I have used some of Bob’s Red Mill products and try to always pick the healthiest things for my family of eight. BTW those fruit tarts on this site look AWESOME!!

These are some fantastic ideas…can’t wait to try them! Great giveaway, love Bob’s Red Mill products!!

I’m not sure what I would do without Bob’s Red Mill products! Looking forward to making this crust this weekend – looks delicious. Great pictures!!

Bob’s Red Mill is one of my favorite companies, and I would love to go crazy on all the different products they have. Chickpea flour, coconut flour, hazelnut meal, I want to try everything!

oh, my goodness, that date/walnut crust sounds delicious! I love fruit tarts and I just think that crust would be fabulous! Thanks for sharing the recipe and the giveaway!

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Is there a way to make this without nuts? I would love to make this for my kids, but one has a nut allergy.

Rajendra, I also have a 3 year old who’s allergic to trea nuts. I always make a crust with oats and a little bit of coconut oil (no worries coconut is not a nut!), but if your child can’t eat coconuts you can always add a bit of butter or olive oil because you need a litle bit of that fat (which in walnut/dates recipe comes from walnuts). I plan on trying my oats & coconut oil recipe with dates to add a bit of sweetness to the crust. I’m sure it will be very tasty!

Hi Rajendra- Really there isn’t since there are only two things in it. But you could follow any standard pie crust recipe of course, and they’ll be nut gree.

The tart looks delicious! In my hoke however, I have a 3 year old who’s allergic to trea nuts. I always make a crust with oats and coconut oil which is also delicious; i bet it would be even more yummy with dates!