April 19, 2011 | Home >In the News >Lambs and Chicks for Easter Lunch
Lambs and Chicks for Easter Lunch
April 19, 2011 | Home >In the News >Lambs and Chicks for Easter Lunch

Lambs and Chicks for Easter Lunch

This is my quick Healthy Easter idea… On Friday, send your kids to school with a fun, Easter themed lunch.  Here is how ours turned out:

Easter Lunch

I’ve got

  • granola with a sesame seed candy in the lower left compartment.
  • Hard boiled egg chick in the upper left
  • Main compartment contains sandwich (cut into a lamb)
  • Carrots, lettuce, red peppers, and red onions. (all finger veggies, no fork needed)
  • cup of cuties
  • In our Easy Lunch Box
Easter Lunch#2

I saw these little chicks made from your hard boiled eggs on a Google image search for Easter Bentos.  It was super easy to make!

  • Hard boil the eggs
  • peel carefully
  • cut away the white across the center of the egg.
  • I cut out circles from sea weed paper (which I actually always keep on hand for food decorating). and a carrot for the beak!
written by
Amy Roskelley

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Kendra says:

I want to come eat at your house. It all looks so good, and nothing looks good to me right now. What a cute idea for Easter!

dawn says:

This is so cute Amy. I love the little chick, too cute to eat I think. Great lunch for your kids.

absolutely getting ready for Easter…it would be very fun eating those little chicks my kids gonna love it

Kimberly says:

Love the baby chick idea! We’ve been sending molded hard boiled eggs in our easy lunch boxes. This is a nice way to put the novelty back into a healthy protien.

Amy says:

Kimberly… i’ve sent you like 5 emails about winning the Pine-Sol/book giveaway, but you haven’t responded to any of them. I’m sure my messages are ending up in spam, but I’d love to find a way to get your address so I can mail them to you!!

Laura says:

Wow – so cute!

Iva Young says:

Adorable Amy! I love how it’s more common now for my kids to take a salad to school daily because I have the right container. I love my bento box!! 🙂

Emily says:

Wow, your yoke is so smooth!

Amy says:

I had to flip it out and flip it over.. because the part of the yolk I had showing had knife marks in it.

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Maggie says:

Loved this post! I linked to it on my blog here. Thanks for sharing this great idea. Happy Easter!

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