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8 Healthy Themed Easter Basket Ideas


Are you looking for Easter basket ideas with a health theme?  Instead of a basket only full of candy, use this opportunity to give your kids some fun items that also encourage healthy living! 

Easter can symbolize spring, fresh starts, and discovery.  For my own kids, I’ve enjoyed filling a basket for Easter morning, full of things the kids would enjoy outdoors and cultivate hobbies that encourage them to be healthier.   These 8 Easter basket ideas are my favorite health themed baskets that we’ve given over the years.

Sports Themed Easter basket

Full details on this sports themed basket: Baseball Mom Stuff

You can customize the basket for your child’s favorite sport.  If your kids are into more than one sport – include a variety of items for different sports. Here are some ideas to include:

  • New Ball (baseball, basketball, soccerball)
  • New Water Bottle
  • Hair Tie
  • Socks
  • Baseball hat/ glove
  • Sports collectors cards
  • Sunglasses
  • Stop Watch/FitBit
  • Trail Mix

Outdoor Themed Easter Basket  

Spring is officially here, and the kids love some inexpensive things to play with outdoors.  You can find so many of these things at the dollar store, or your regular big box store.  Our kids have loved making all sorts of pictures on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, that it has occupied them for hours!

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Jump Rope
  • Knee pads, elbow pads
  • Squirt Guns
  • Kite
  • Frisbeee
  • Sand toys
  • Sunhat
  • New Swimsuit
  • Beach Towel

Full details on this outdoor basket, from My Mommy Style

Hiking Themed Easter basket  

Our family has done a lot of hiking over the years, and it’s definitely more fun when the kids have some of their own supplies!  A hiking basket will get them excited for your next outing!  Even a mini camelbak of their own makes the journey a little more enjoyable.

Gardening Themed Easter basket

It’s time to start a garden, so what better way to get your kids excited than to have a basket of their own gardening supplies. Even if you start with a small sprouting kit in the window sill, or you have a full garden in your yard, they can be involved and learn vital gardening skills for life!

Details for this gardening basket: Jennifer Perkins!)

Cooking Themed Easter Basket 

There is no shortage of basket ideas for a child who likes to bake or spend time in the kitchen! I love this idea as an opportunity to get kids excited about cooking healthy food and to expand their skills into making more food than toast!

This cute baking basket is from Night Owl Blog

6) Spiritual Themed Easter Basket 

A Christian themed basket is not only a GREAT idea for a holiday like Easter (of course!) but it also helps to reinforce your families spiritual journey.  Use the basket as a chance to share your faith and items that represent your faith with your kids and to talk about the meaning of the season.

  • A journal with a new pen
  • Pictures of Christ
  • Inspirational Books
  • Scripture pens/ stickers for marking scriptures
  • Inspirational Music
  • Religious based jewelry
  • Fill plastic eggs with scripture quotes

Christ Centered basket from Happy Home Fairy

Summer Themed Easter Basket

With summer just around the corner, get your kids set up for your first visit to the beach!  If you won’t be making it to the beach anytime soon, you can still use sand toys in a sand box, and sunglasses, towels, and sandals at the local pool.

Beach themed basket from Stuff Parents need

Healthy Food Themed Easter Basket

And lastly, a basket full of healthy snacks is actually really fun for my kids.  We don’t buy a lot of “fun food”,and these snacks are considered fun for them. Truthfully, this is what my kids are going to get this year, because the next day we’re headed on a flight,and they are going to want some snacks to bring in their carry on!

This Healthy snack basket from Kitchen Stewardship

And that’s it!  Other themed baskets that we didn’t include in other non-healthy ideas would include an arts and crafts basket, a spa basket, hot wheels theme, Lego theme, Disney theme, sewing theme, books/reading theme, fishing theme, and tools-handyman theme.  What other ideas can you think of?


What other Health themed Easter Baskets can you think of?

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Fun ideas! We really want a GoGo Sports girl, but it needs to be a martial arts one!

Mine are getting Wii Active Fit too, for those 100+ degree days where outside is unbearable. Between swim team 5 mornings a week and TKD 4 afternoons, a bit of Wii time might be needed. :o)

What cute basket ideas!! Our bunny usually goes the spiritual route and tends to shop at Deseret Book for the cute scriptural action heroes, coloring books and whatnot! 😉

Love the idea of spiritual gifts. Easter has become so much more about the bunny than the real reason why we celebrate Easter. Thanks.

Amy thanks for these basket ideas. I always pack their baskets with new spring outdoor toys like bubbles, balls, chalk, kites and of course a new pair of COOL looking sunglasses and flip flops and beach towel and just a couple pieces of candy. Even our egg hunts don’t have much candy in them. Thank you for always coming up with good ideas!!

These are great ideas. My mom and sister do the Easter baskets for our kids every year and they always fill them mostly with non-candy items like small toys, chalk, bubbles, books, jump ropes, etc. For the Easter egg hunt, they hide small coins inside the eggs. The kids usually get one chocolate bunny and then maybe a small pack of jelly beans and I am fine with that.

Such a cute basket my children’s are going to love it thanks for this idea i looking forward to giving this to my daughter on her birthday 🙂