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Easter Egg Fitness Hunt


Making fitness a game or friendly competition can create a love for it from a young age. Start with this fun Easter Egg Fitness Hunt with your kids this year!

Setting Up The Fitness Hunt

  1. Print clues and cut into individual pieces.
  2. Place clues inside plastic eggs.
  3. Place eggs in their specific location to be found by excited children.
  4. Before starting the hunt, explain to the kids that they need do the exercise from each clue before they move onto the next location.

Printable Clues

Easter Fitness Hunt Clues

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Ideas for the Treasure

There is so much candy around holidays, which is fun for kids and can be part of holiday traditions and memories. This is definitely true for Easter. Instead of making your fitness hunt about a treat they can eat at the end, here are some fun non-food fitness related ideas for the treasure:

  • Water bottle
  • Jump rope
  • Hula Hoop
  • Inflatable Punching Bag
  • Skip Ball
  • Balance Ball
  • Over the door basketball hoop
  • Inflatable bowling set
  • Soccer net
  • Nerf football

Set a Fitness Example

This can be a fun activity that the entire family can be involved in – including parents! Kids watch closely what their parents do, and if you exercise with them it tells your kids that you enjoy fitness and that it is an important part of your life. Get your heart rate up and get excited about each of the exercises.

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I love this idea, we always hide eggs just for fun all the time this month. This will be fun for them and me, thanks.

LOVE this idea. My girls like to run so we have put running clothes in their basket, it fits right in with trying to avoid all the chocolate.
Great idea thanks.

here is an idea invite over friends and family and every body in teams with a specific colour and which ever team wins gets a healthy prize this game can even be used for a birthday party

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Great ideas-posted on the DFM facebook page. We have an Easter Egg hunt every year to help support our children’s programs and use stickers, temporary tattoos, small bottle of bubbles and some chocolate in the eggs. Chocolate, because of the fat, doesn’t cause a rapid elevation of blood glucose unlike hard or gummi candies.
By the way, please check spelling on egg #5-I think you mean “You’re almost done!”

I have been doing this for years for my girls. I started out with easy clues, then made them harder as they got older. I also have done picture clues where the picture of the next egg gave them the clue as to where it was at. They like it better than running to get the most eggs. This way they each got a certain number of eggs and they were happier.

What a fabulous idea! I haven’t seen that one before! Here are some more clues you can add to your Easter morning fun… Make your preparation for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt easier than ever with my
This FREE PRINTABLE contains 21 wild and wacky clues that will have your gang racing all through the house with delight to find their Easter morning treasures. Get this time-saving, fun-boosting, laugh-out-loud set of clues in a 3 page printable, and cross this item off your “to-do” list for the coming Easter weekend!!
Find it at Simply Fun Families website http://simplyfunfamilies.com/holiday-fun/easter/

Here’s a sample of the clues you’ll find:
Then off to the place
where you keep all your socks
I’m sure that’s a place
where I left a nice box!
Rummage around
’till you find it in there
I hope it’s not smelly
for your sake, my dear!!

I’ve been doing this for years with my kids, only instead of formal exercises, I send them up to the second floor, then down to the basement, then up to the main floor, then into the backyard – well, you get the picture! I have been recording it as well so we all get the exercise together. My kids are now 14 and 12 and they still request the egg scavenger hunt! Great fun and great exercise. I think I’ll follow your lead this year and include some jumping jacks and bounces on the trampoline. Thanks for the ideas!!

Thanks for the super-fun idea! I did a scavenger hunt for Christmas with great success, and this will fit the bill perfectly! Since my “child” is 20 and a fitness nut, and I m in my 50’s and WAY out of shape, she will enjoy best that I plan to do the fitness exercises with her as we go from clue to clue! Great bonding and just another quiet way to show her I believe in her and honor what’s important to her.

This is so great! I usually leave the baskets on the counter and randomly hide eggs, but I had seen this post a month or so ago on Facebook and decided to try it out. I adapted the clues to work for our house and left a “note from the easter bunny” on the counter and the kids LOVED it. They took it super serious and even made me set a timer for the clue that said hop in place for one minute! So much fun. Thanks!!!