Cheesy Broccoli Bites Recipe

Cheesy Broccoli bites are a great veggie side dish.  Full of vitamin K and vitamin C in every bite!

Broccoli is a super food!  As a bonus, it is also a great source of Folate, fiber (1 gram for every 10 calories!), and even protein.  If your kids aren’t keen on broccoli yet, making these little cheesy bites might be just the dish that turns them!

Cheesy Broccoli Bites. Dinner side dish or snack! Great way to get kids to ask for more broccoli!

We believe kids should taste and try different fruits and veggies in a variety of ways.  This means roasted, raw, pureed, frozen, dried, etc.  That way, kids can learn to enjoy the taste of different foods and mature their palate in a way that will prime them for tasting and trying more.

Broccoli Bites Recipe Step By Step

Our process to make these cheesy bites wasn’t any more complicated than making pancakes. We steamed some broccoli to soften it up.  We then blended it up in a food processor to mix it altogether (full recipe below). Then, we scooped up small balls of the “dough” and pan fried them till they were crispy.

Cheesy Broccoli Bites. Dinner side dish or snack! Great way to get kids to ask for more broccoli!

This cheesy snack would make a great side dish, appetizer, or even just a low sugar snack!   We pair this with chicken and rice and the kids love it!  You can also experiment with different add-ins.  Try onions, garlic, pepper, or even cheddar cheese.

Cheesy Broccoli Bites. Dinner side dish or snack! Great way to get kids to ask for more broccoli!

Serve them plain or with a yogurt dip.

Cheesy Broccoli Bites. Dinner side dish or snack! Great way to get kids to ask for more broccoli!

Tests find that Broccoli is beneficial for:

  • Digestion (all that fiber!)
  • Heart health, with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Natural Detoxification (Source)

Cheesy Broccoli Bites. Dinner side dish or snack! Great way to get kids to ask for more broccoli! 

Definitely get this dish ready for your next meal.  You won’t be disappointed.Cheesy Broccoli Bites. Dinner side dish or snack! Great way to get kids to ask for more broccoli!

Cheesy Broccoli Bites

Cheesy Broccoli Bites Recipe
Serves: 4
Prep Time: 15 m
Cook Time: 10 m


  • 2 cup – broccoli, florets
  • 2 large – egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon – salt
  • 1/2 cup – panko (Japanese bread crumbs)
  • 2 ounce – Parmesan cheese, grated
  • 2 tablespoon – olive oil


  1. Steam broccoli just until fork-tender.
  2. Add broccoli, egg, salt, bread crumbs, and Parmesan to a food processor; blend just until finely chopped. Using 1 tablespoon at a time, form into balls.
  3. Heat oil in a skillet. Drop balls of broccoli mixture into hot oil, flattening with a spatula. Cook both sides until crispy.
  4. Serve warm.

Nutrition Facts

  • Nutrition per serving % daily value
  • Calories: 178 9%
  • Fat: 13 g 20%
  • Carb: 4 g 1%
  • Fiber: 1 g 4%
  • Protein: 10 g 20%
  • Sugar: 0 g
written by
Amy Roskelley

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pikbee says:

That’s a nice way to make my kids eat more veggies, thank you for sharing the recipe!

Courtney says:

So good Instead of panko bread crumbs I put half almond flour and half coconut flour and also chopped up a whole green onion and mixed half the white and half the green part in and it tasted amazing!!! So glad I found this recipe my baby absolutely loved it. I doubled the batch and made some for her lunch or dinner for the next week.

Carissa Henry says:

Amazing and so simple and easy!

S Mason says:

Made these with no issue. Simple, delicious, and my pickiest eater loved them.

Jennifer Hilliard says:

Disgusting and inedible. I cooked these in the oven instead of frying them because I read the review that they did not stay together in the frying pan. But they have zero flavor, other than the flavor of licking a lawn mower. Gross. These need seasoning.

Kimona says:

I tried this and my kids loved it. It came out perfect. Thank you great recipe.

These are absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to try them.

Alicia says:

Just made a big batch of these for my son’s pre-school. I’ve had a lot more luck getting my son to eat veggies if they don’t look like veggies, so hoping the other kids will be willing to try these out 🙂
I only have one frying pan and didn’t want to spend all afternoon cooking for his class, so I used a small ice cream scoop to turn these into “broccoli balls” and baked them at 390F on parchment paper for about 15-20 minutes. Saved me a ton of time and still turned out well!

Kimberly S. says:

I made these for my daughter when she started eating finger foods and she LOVED them! She is almost 4 now and I still make them and she still likes them! It is the only way I can get her to eat broccoli!

Kerry p says:

Omg! Thank you for the great idea! I think you may have found something that will work for my kids!

Julia Allen says:

Tastes good, but nearly impossible to cook. Sticky and falls apart in the pan.

JWest says:

Nutritional information is incorrect, has to have fiber, has broccolli. please recalculate and add number of servings.

Brooke says:

I made these for my then three year old and called them Hulk Smash Patties. He took one bite and wouldn’t eat any more. Bugger, back to the drawing board. Three months later and today he asked for them out of the blue. He happily ate three. Hooray!!

Courtney says:

Is there anything you would suggest to bind these without egg? My youngest is allergic. Thanks!

Yes- we’ve done this before with a flax and water mix to bind. Check out our post here:

Rachael says:

Any recs for what you could us as a substitute to bread crumbs?

I haven’ tried it, but you could sub oats for bread crumbs!

Elizabeth says:

My teenage daughter just made these and used ground up oats and they turned out very tasty!!

Amie says:

I made these for my 18 month old and he loooooved them! I saw in a comment that you can bake these, do you by chance know the recommended temperature and length of time to bake these at?

Glad he loved them! I would start at 400 degrees and only about 10-15 minutes, or just watch until the start to turn brown and crispy.

girija says:

The recipe looks delicious but to get the nutritional benefits of broccoli you have to steam it.This recipe will render the broccoli with zero nutrients.If all the nutrients are lost then what’s the point in eating anyway?

that actually isn’t true. All cooking destroys some nutrients, but definitely not all! There are still many nutrients still left after cooking.

Jenna says:

Wondering how long these last in the fridge? I’m wanting to incorporate them into my Sunday meal prep for the week for lunches/suppers.

definitely they would last all day.

Mayra says:

Awesome recipe, really easy. I don’t have a food processor so I did them in my blender, which took a little longer, but they turn up perfect. My 18 month child loved them and ask for more and she’s not keen on veggies right now. I freeze the rest for little dinners and I think I can make these with many veggies (spinach and peas are the first to come to mind). I didn’t actually fried them, just cook them in a pan with just drops of olive oil so they won’t stick. Love it. Thank you!!

Allegra says:

Can you make these using a blender?

I haven’t tried it, but it seems like it would work!

Claire says:

I use your recipes all the time and love your ideas! This broc bites recipes gets a good run at our house, and this week I substituted the brocolli for pumpkin/cauliflower/baby spinach cause that was what I had in the fridge and turned out great!

Mayra says:

Cauliflower is a great idea!!!

Linda says:

I’m making the cheesey broccoli bites with fresh Parmesan cheese and grass fed cheddar cheese and serving them with cucumber dill yogurt dip and baby carrots and broccoli stalks and pita chips, for the veggie portion of the platter; and pineapple, watermelon, grapes. All appetizers before the rib roast dinner for Mothers Day.

shiny says:

Apart frm egg wht cn b used in cheesy brocolli bite

Kothar says:

I used your recipe and replaced cheese with glutenfree leftover spaghetti, with onion n green pepper and carrots.My son is Gluten, Casein Soyfree . Added some coconut flour and fried. It was delicious. Kids enjoyed it. Even though my daughter hates anything broccoli related, she was non the wiser. I called it Monster bites. lol thx for a really helpful site, Makes being a working mom of 4 alot easier.

Isabelle says:

Just cook those littles bites for my kids. Very nice! For the first time my 2 1/2 yrs old eat broccoli without me hiding the vegie in a soup or smoothie. I dont understand some comments that it is an unhealthy recipe. Good saturated fat are essentials. I cooked them in coconut oil. It was delicious. love your website, it is full of great recipes for kids. Thanks.

Tania Randisi says:

I tried them. They are delicious.

Jessica Hebert says:

Comment to Jon and Vince :
This is a healthy recipe. I tend to be s bit of a “organic health nerd” so I do oush for raw organic foods mostly but kids need variety and most kids won’t just eat brocoli alone or any veggie really. The fat in cheese is not bad in moderation, especially for a growing child whom needs the fats. And salt in moderation is not bad either, although for a recipe like this I would skip it. I really like this website and I appreciate the time they take to post yummy recipes for us. If you don’t like the ideas or recipes and you think you know better, you post some ideas, or don’t use the site.

Cecilia says:

I found this recipe on Pinterest, and just love it. Great great idea!

kevin says:

Thanks Amy! Always great to get these fun new ideas from you! Sorry you have to suffer the slings and arrows of fools sometimes…..

Melissa says:

I just pulled some beetroot from the garden and was looking for a recipe to use the top leaves in. I substituted the brocoli for beetroot leaves and added 10 kalamata olives. They were great. 11 month old could eat easily and 2 yo loved them.

Love this recipe, gave it a go today! I love how versatile it is too, even added steamed kale and blended it! I wrote a post on my blog and linked it to this original recipe, please visit and comment let me know what you think! Thanks for your inspiration !
Mama Bee

I looked through all the replies but could not find my answer. Is the 1/2 cheese after grating? before?

Nicole says:

I made these today and my one and a half year old gobbled them up! This is a kid that will not eat veggies…he kept asking for more! Thanks for a great recipe!

Ada says:

YUM! I would also like to add that your body NEEDS fat to optimally process the vitamins found in veggies! I love easy things like this!

Another way my kids like broccoli is I steam it and cauliflower, add butter, salt and parmesan to it!

Carla says:

Has anybody tried these with JUST cheddar cheese? I only have cheddar and no parmesan cheese and was thinking of substituting.

saboohi says:

You can add boiled potato also

Jean says:

Love how you can get more fruit and verges into children by trying your ideas ,keep them comming.

Jan says:

How many does this recipe make? Was looking for an appetizer for Thanksgiving and this sounds fantastic!

Hi Jan-
Depends on the size. We made them fairly small (about 1 tablespoon each) and got about 20 out of it.

Val says:

I would love to make these for myself! Used to buy something similar by Yves Veggie Cuisine but it was most of $5 for 12 and this sounds tastier.

Any idea of the calorie / nutrition info?

Val- If you split it into just four servings Calories179 kcalProtein9 gFat13 gCarb6 gFiber0 gSugar1 g
PS- we analyze all our recipes for our meal plan service! Check it out here:

Justine says:

I was just wondering how many of these delicious broccoli bites are considered a serve?
Thank you

@Amy, @Jas, I haven’t tried an egg substitute. But you could try the flax/water combo as described in this post:

sarah says:

Can’t wait to try these!!! Everything u post looks yummny!!’

Amy says:

My daughter has an egg allergy, any recommendations for a binder sub?

Annalie says:

Maybe try psyllium husks? I’ve just used some for the first time in baking and it’s a great binder.

Jules says:

Japanese arrowroot called kuzu can be used instead of eggs. Google for more info.
A few comments back, I suggested chickpea flour. No need to use eggs and its gluten free too.
Don’t add the crumbs.
Kids love the , especially when you make chunky apple sauce salsa, with fresh ginger or without.

hungry says:

It’s not recommended to fry with olive oil. Best to use rice bran oil or another type of oil meant for high heat for any type of frying. Only use olive oil in salads, dressings, or low heat roasting

Lisa A says:

Not true. “When heated, olive oil is the most stable fat, which means it stands up well to high frying temperatures. Its high smoking point (210º C) is well above the ideal temperature for frying food (180º C). The digestibility of olive oil is not affected when it is heated, even when it is re-used several times for frying.”

Linda says:

Good to know (about the use of EVOO – our “go to” oil) – thank you for that tidbit information!

Sharon says:

What can you use in place of bread crumbs for these to make them lower in carbs?

kirsty says:

You can use Quinoa flakes to crumb instead of bread crumbs… thiese may work for this recipe also

Julia says:

You can use chick pea flour, called besan flour instead of bread crumbs. Tastes yum and kids love them.
1 cup of chick pea flour, add as much water to make a batter and Just mix whatever grated raw veges like zucchini, pumpkin and steamed broccoli. Use fresh herbs to flavour. Shallow fry .
I make a delicious topping with cooked fresh green apples and fresh ginger. Delicious!!

Julia says:

Oh yes, you don’t need to add eggs when using chickpea flour.

My oldest lived on something similar to these when she was a toddler. This is a great way to get kiddos eating broccoli! My version was baked–I love your pan fried version. I’ll bet that makes them even tastier! Great recipe. 🙂

Holly says:

Just made these and they were good! I did not have fresh so I used frozen, and used some GF bread crumbs, added in fresh parm and shredded cheddar and sprinkled salt on them when they were cooking. I may add in some more cheese next time, and maybe a little garlic…. Possibilities are endless!

jess says:

can you use something other than a food processor and get similar results?

@jess- I think it’s hard to get the same texture. But worth a try!

lily says:

I tried using a blender and it didnt work. Though i may not have had enough panko or crackers….

jas says:

Is there a substitute for eggs?? Did anyone try it?

Stephanie says:

Can you make these with a different cheese? Like shredded Colby jack?

Antonia says:

Can you bake instead of frying?

Yes! You can bake them, but unless you drizzle with a little oil first, they won’t be as crispy. @Antonio

Susan Moon says:

Can’t wait to try these!

Jon Myatt says:

So you take healthy steamed broccoli, add cheese (FAT) and add SALT, and then FRY it? What’s healthy about that?!

Jon- Our purpose at super healthy kids is to find creative, simple, and delicious ways to serve kids more fruits and vegetables. We do not demonize or eliminate foods from our diet- only add healthy ones. This is not an anti-fat, anti-salt, or anti-anything website. Just pro-fruits and veggies in any way or form. We do not support messages for kids about foods being toxic or that they should be avoided. We only support more ways to incorporate healthy things.

Maggie says:

Amen, Amy! Two thumbs up!

Vince says:

Then give them HEALTHY fruits and vegetables – no need to disguise them. I agree with Jon!

Mary says:

Vince, sometimes children just wont eat plain foods, and the only way to incorporate some fruit and vegies into there diet is to create fun ways to make them eat healthy. Adding fats and salt helps to flavour food. A person should eat 1.6gm of good fat daily which helps the digestive system.

Melody says:

Sometimes kids need things disguised so they will try them . Then when they realize they are good, you can make them anyway you please.

Trina says:

That doesn’t always work! My 7 year old step son WILL NOT eat any fruits and only veggies he eats are green beans, corn, and potatoes. Since we only have them every other weekend we don’t want to make dinner time a stressful time. Anything to get him to eat more stuff!

Stacy says:

We actually fall in the other camp. We avoid lots of toxic foods. We have to. And we name them for the petrochemicals that they are. That said, nothing in this recipe is toxic, and I am excited to try it. Healthy fats are essential. Unadulterated salt is a nutrient.
We’ll have to sub the breadcrumbs for gluten free option to accommodate allergies, but that’s not a big deal.

Stacy — Did you end up trying this? I was thinking about trying a variation using almond flour instead of panko to get even MORE healthy fats in it. In my brain, I think it will still hold together with the eggs… May add a carrot too. Like a spin off broccoli-cheddar soup.

Susan says:

I tried it with gluten free bread crumbs and it didn’t hold together at all. I added some almond and 1 to 1 gf flour and it worked out.

Whitney says:

I appreciate the recipe ideas on this website. I am a registered dietitian with a masters in nutrition, and I agree that no food should be “demonized”. This can lead to eating disorders. I work at a children’s hospital and deal with many feeding issues ranging from picky eaters to more severe conditions. However, what is very frustrating for myself and others in my profession is the non-science based information the public hears. Everyone believes they are an “expert” in diet. I just ask that everyone do the best they can regarding diet. There is no “perfect” diet. Nutrition is not black and white… it’s very gray.

Michelle says:

Exactly! I am making these in a few minutes, using Kerrygold cheese and frying them in coconut oil! I think my kids will love them and they will be healthy.

Michelle says:

And using Himalayan pink salt loaded with minerals our bodies need!

Sammy-Jo says:

Fat is a necessary part of the diet…just stick to healthy fats(grassfed,whole fat cheese and butter, coconut oil, etc..avoid canola and other high processed fats)….and the dish isn’t deep fried, so nutrients are in tact. There has been a lot of misinformation about fat over the years, but doctors and scientists are coming around. I actually started to get healthier(organ and brain function) and lose weight when I went against the low fat craze.

Sammy-Jo says:

Also, try using some real sea salt.(it shouldn’t be pure white) moderation, that can also be a part of a healthy diet. We really should demonize natural foods.

Serra says:

I can’t wait to make these for our babies. However I will be doing some alteration to make it even better. Use organic or raw cheese, himilayian sea salt (its pink with MANY nutrients), coconut oil for frying and coconut flour. Will let you know of the outcome! Thanks for the base recipe to go off of!

Ashley says:

Can you get raw/organic cheese in the grocery store? Do you have a specific brand you would use?

Kirsten says:

Fat is healthy for kids .. And salt is NOT bad for you as long as you buy REAL salt and not white refined . We need salt and fat in our diets.

Zim says:

I think this is a great Keto appetizer subbing breadcrumbs with almond meal.

Erica says:

Can you freeze these after you have cooked them, or freeze them after mixture is made?

I haven’t tried freezing them Erica.

Autumn says:

I make huge batches with all different kinds of veggies so I have multiple options. After I am done making them I lay them back on the pan with parchment paper and layer it a few times then stick them in the freezer for a few hours. Once they are frozen you can just dump them in a container all together and pull out how many you need and microwave about 30 seconds on each side. When you first take them out of microwave they seem like a soggy hot mess but it just takes a few minutes of cooling down to regain it’s more solid state. My son who won’t eat ANY veggies will eat these with no complaints. I should also mention that I use sharp cheddar and not parmwsan for the ones I freeze. I don’t know if you have ever noticed but when you micro parmesan it turns into a hard rock.

Theresa says:

I have frozen them before cooking and they freeze very well! Then, I just cook them in a pan with a little olive oil!

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