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8 Reasons to Buy Celery

curly celery
  1. Celery juice used to be medicinal! It’s true, and I have an old medicine bottle to prove it. It did everything from curing indigestion, to renewing vitality.  (labeling had some looser laws back then I guess)  It says:  A reliable laxative and diuretic.  It restores strength, renews vitality, purifies the blood, regulates the Kidneys, Liver, and Bowels.  A positive cure for Rheumatism, Blood disorders, stomach troubles, Liver and kidney complaints, malaria, indigestion, dyspespia, constipation, catarrh, Heart trouble, scrofula, neuralgia, etc.  FEMALE WEAKNESS and Irregularities promptly relieved and permanently cured. DSC_2667
  2. It’s a low cost vegetable and practically available year round.  Talk about a bargain buy!
  3. You can store celery, wrapped in foil,  freezer if you don’t use it immediately.
  4. Celery Assists in fluid balance.  Celery has the perfect balance of potassium and sodium.  The potassium helps to maintain good blood pressure. It stimulates urine production and rids the body of excess fluid.
  5. It’s a good source of fiber! You can get 2 grams of fiber for every 19 calories (which is one cup of celery). 19 calories per cup is what I call “bang for your calorie buck!”
  6. Celery is a good source of folate.  All you pregnant mamas take note, there is folate in celery.
  7. Celery is a good source of Vitamin C, A, and K.
  8. And the coolest reason at all…. Your kids can have fun curling celery!
    • It’s easy.  All you do is either slice the ends of celery thinly, or shave entire pieces off with a vegetable peeler, and dunk in very cold water.  The celery will curl around itself making gorgeous garnishes, or a fun snack.

Celery Curling:

Step 1: Slice a very thin piece away from the edge of stalk of celery with vegetable peeler, without peeling it off. Do not dig deep, or too long.



Step 2: Dunk in ice cold water.



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Wow! Thanks for all the unknown info about celery and we will try out the fun, curly celery to see if that makes the kids like it more!

Celery is a huge favorite around here. My oldest two were about 2 and three when the show wonder pets came out and ever since they have loved celery. Pretty amazing what a cartoon can do for a kid sometimes. 🙂 Even though we usually eat our celery too fast before it goes bad I will still have to try the foil one time. I bring my home from the store, wash, peel so that the stringiness is less and doesn’t choke my littlest ones, cut and store in a container with water and they last quite awhile that way too.

too bad i didn’t know before that celery can be frozen. i should’ve at least googled it since i had to throw some out the other day 🙁 but thanks for letting me know, now it won’t happen again!