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8 No-Fail Healthy Holiday Classroom Snacks

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Skip the processed, sugary treats in school! Share a fun, festive, and healthy snack form our list of holiday classroom snacks.

I smell glitter and frosting. It must be classroom holiday party time. Do you ever wish there was healthier fare in your kiddo’s classroom? A few years ago I cringed when I saw a mountain of cupcakes intended for my preschooler. I suggested healthier party foods and my kid’s teachers were super supportive. A few even mentioned they hated the cupcakes but didn’t know how to ditch them. Fast forward a few years and I’m happy to have the reputation of the fruit and veggie party mom. (Pssst. The teachers and kids love it!)

Want the trick to making the switch from cupcakes to carrots? Give them a fun name or creative packaging. That’s it. Nothing too crazy and elaborate. My recent favorite that’s been floating around Pinterest is serving water and calling it a Melted Snowman. Brilliant! I also love to keep my eye on Super Healthy Kids. They always have brilliant holiday-inspired ideas. You also want to see what shows and games are popular and name your healthy snack after the main characters.

I have three kids in school now – and all of their teachers need help with holiday parties. This means I need some clever, easy, and marvelously cute ideas to cover all of these classrooms.

Thanks to that popular Disney snowman, who shall not be named, you can play with the snowman theme. Try these three ideas:

  • Serve carrots and simply call them Snowmen Noses
  • Decorate a clear cup or white cup with a snowman’s face. Fill with your favorite popcorn.
  • Decorate mozzarella sticks with a simple snowman face, cut out hat, and scarf.

These are perfect if you’re at work because they ship well in a backpack! For the popcorn cups simply decorate the cups and send the popcorn in a few gallon sized bags.

Here are more holiday ideas that have inspired me from Super Healthy Kids.

  • Kiwi Tree Fruit Tray – This is a bright and fresh idea that takes a few minutes to cut up and one more minute to assemble. The kids will love it!
  • Christmas tree tortillas with fresh spinach leaves and bell pepper “ornaments.”
  • 14 Fruit Party Plates – I’m crazy for this list of ideas! You’ll find links for creative fruit platters, skewers, and dips.
  • Christmas Cuke Cups – These veggie cups are bound to amaze your cute little friends.
  • Maple Snickerdoodle Popcorn – This delicious treat is fast and free of refined sugars. This is another perfect classroom snack to send to school.

Enjoy making your classroom holiday parties a bit healthier!

Hey there! I’m Alli from Don’t Panic Mom. I live in the Middle of Nowhere with four kiddos and one Hunky Husband. I love to make sense of healthy living with the reality of a tight budget and hungry kids. Want more healthy hacks for modern moms? Follow me on Facebook.

8 No-Fail (HEALTHY) Holiday Classroom Snacks. Instead of all the junk - try some of these ideas! https://www.superhealthykids.com/8-no-fail-healthy-holiday-classroom-snacks/

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