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25 Ideas to get your kids outside, while it’s still warm!


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The best part of summer- Being outside! There are significant health benefits to letting your kids be outside.  Today, it’s hard for parents to let their kids play outdoors, but the need for being outdoors for the health of our children is more important than ever.  Today’s kids are averaging 7 hours in front of a screen, which contributes to stress, inability to focus, excess weight, and behavior problems!  On the other hand, playing outside:

  1. Gives kids much the much needed sunshine vitamin,  Vitamin D!
  2. Decreases stress!
  3. Improves social behavior
  4. Improves focus
  5. Increases fitness levels
  6. Improves brain function
  7. Protects emotional development
  8. develop stronger immunity
  9. Helps improve creativity
  10. Improves balance and coordination.
25 Ideas to get your kids outside, while it's still warm! Warmer days are coming...get your kids outside to play!

So, before the weather gets too cold, here are our top 25 things to do outside with our kids that cost NO MONEY AT ALL! (or very little)

  1. Play baseball
  2. Play Frisbee
  3. Find a pond, lake, or pool to swim in
  4. Plant a garden
  5. Go on a hike
  6. Go to the park
  7. Go on a family walk.
  8. Go on a bike ride, or roller skating
  9. Have a picnic
  10. Build a campfire
  11. Play in the sprinklers
  12. Make your own slip n slide 
  13. Take a dog on a walk
  14. Draw a hop scotch board in front of your house
  15. Paint with homemade chalk
  16. Collect rocks
  17. Look for bugs.
  18. Have a photo scavenger hunt
  19. Jump roping
  20. Try fishing
  21. Wait till night and look at the stars
  22. Go camping!
  23. Find a petting zoo
  24. Make an obstacle course
  25. Visit a farmers market, or a farm!

Plus 50 more outdoor ideas here! 




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25 Ideas to get your kids outside, while it's still warm!

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25 Ideas to get your kids outside, while it's still warm!


So, what are you waiting for!! Get outside with your kids, share those pictures that captured your favorite moments  using the #MomentThatPopped, and your picture could be drawn on a lunchbox for you to keep!


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It is SO important for kids to play outdoor games. With each passing day, they’re growing more addicted to smartphones. Not that it’s bad, but too much of indoors is also a bad thing 🙂

My kids (7&10) were watching TV and playing iPads all time and I couldn’t pull them off the sofa… until we found outdoor playhouse! OMG guys… now they are always out in our garden playing and enjoying time! 🙂