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Roasted Veggie Kabobs

As soon as the weather turns cold, I just want to turn my oven on and sit by it all day.  Which means that I probably should have something cooking in the oven – right?  This is the time of year when I bust out all of my baking, roasting, braising, broiling recipes.  Not only does it warm your kitchen up, but these cooking methods fill your house with all sorts of delightful smells.  So take a deep breath and get ready for this recipe because you are going to love it.

My girls happen to really love this particular vegetable blend: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots and Yellow Squash.  It is typically called ‘Normandy Blend’ or ‘California Blend’ when you buy it at the grocery store.  I’m always trying to think of ways to get them to eat more vegetables for a snack instead of the typical fruit snacks, crackers, etc.  I came up with this method last Winter on a cold day.  I roasted an entire pan of these veggies one afternoon, and they sat and ate almost the entire pan!  Wow.  I may have hit a jackpot here.  So I tried it again a few days later.  And guess what?  The same thing happened! I have been making this ever since, just changing up some of the seasonings I use.  And every time they get eaten.

Begin with a bag of frozen veggies.  You can use any blend that you like.  Put them in a bowl and let them thaw for a little bit, or put them in the microwave for 30 seconds – 1 minute just to soften them up a bit.

You will need wooden skewers.

Then begin skewering the veggies.  If they are breaking when you try to put them on, you need to thaw the veggies a little longer.  Mine were still slightly frozen, but soft enough to skewer them easily.

Place them on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil.  Season to your preference.  We have tried and like: Garlic Salt Blend, Black Pepper, Lemon Pepper, or  Lemon and Lime Juice (or a combination of those)

Bake at 400 degrees F for 16-20 minutes.  If you like them a little more al dente, bake them on the shorter side.  If you like a softer veggie, bake them longer.

That’s it!  One pan and you are done.  From start to finish this takes about 20 minutes and most of that is baking time!















Your kids will never think of veggies the same.  Try different veggies and see which ones your kids devour.  On a cold Winter day, this is the perfect after school snack for your kids to come home to.


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