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Top 50 Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Easter baskets can be so much fun to put together for your kids!  This year for Easter, Amy and I decided to have a No-Candy Easter Basket policy at both our houses.  This is what we are giving our girls.

Amy is going to bling-in Easter for Erica this year with these awesome blingin' desk supplies.  She is going to love it!

erica easter


Last year, she did themed baskets and her daughter was in Soccer- Her soccer Easter basket looked like this:

Soccer themed easter basket.jpg

My little Sophie is getting the 'Artist' Basket.  Giant sidewalk chalk, gel pens, a coloring book, and bubbles. (One is Jelly Belly scented bubbles!)


Amelia might think that the Easter Bunny is in her basket with all of the fluffy pink things she is getting.   Dress-up accessories, princess puzzle, gel pens, notepad, and bubbles.


There are so many fun things to put in an Easter basket besides candy. This is our Top 50 Easter Basket ideas:

  • 1) Sidewalk chalk
  • 2) Markers
  • 3) Fun colored paper
  • 4) Notepads
  • 5) Stamps
  • 6) Stickers
  • 7) Hair accessories (barrettes, clips, colored elastics)
  • 8) Small purse
  • 9) Board books
  • 10) Water gun
  • 11) Water balloons
  • 12) Frisbee
  • 13) Beach Towel
  • 14) Sunglasses
  • 15) Flip flops
  • 16) Sandbox toys
  • 17) Gardening tools
  • 18) Vegetable seeds
  • 19) Bug catching box
  • 20) Watercolor paints
  • 21) Painting smock (Ikea has great ones!)
  • 22) Puzzles
  • 23) Travel game
  • 24) Giant Bouncy Ball
  • 25) Dress-up clothes
  • 26) Lip gloss
  • 27) Bubble Bath
  • 28) Bath Fizzy
  • 29) Nail Polish
  • 30) Small Rubber Animals
  • 31) Cars
  • 32) Small Race Track
  • 33) Legos
  • 34) Pool toy
  • 35) Mad Libs
  • 36) Apron
  • 37) Play food (felt or wood is fun)
  • 38) Cookie cutters
  • 39) Fun cup or Sippy cup
  • 40) Play dough
  • 41) Gak
  • 42)  Glow in the dark bands
  • 43) Swimming Goggles
  • 44) Bubble gun
  • 45) Bike Accessories (helmet, knee pads, streamers, etc)
  • 46) ITunes gift card
  • 47) ABC Magnets
  • 48) Mini Etch-a-sketch
  • 49) Colorful Socks
  • 50) Kite

For more Easter basket ideas click here.   What funs things are you putting in your Easter baskets?

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04/08/2012 6:10am
[...] Top 50 Easter Basket Gift Ideas [...]
04/30/2012 8:14pm
[...] Top 50 Easter Basket Gift Ideas Apr 5, 2012 … Easter baskets can be so much fun to put together for your kids! This year for Easter, Amy and I decided to have a No-Candy Easter Basket … [...]
05/16/2012 9:44pm
I wish I would have read this blog some days ago so I could share these ideas with everyone. <a href="" rel="nofollow">Irish Gift</a>
Kelsey Meyer
03/10/2013 8:54am
I like the pink tin basket! I usually re-use my daughter's basket from year to year but they are just plastic and will not last forever. The sidewalk chalk and sunglasses would be perfect for her as well since we go through a package of it every year and she has needed new sunglasses for a while now. Thanks for the ideas :)
03/11/2013 8:04am
Hope she likes it! happy Easter Kelsey.
04/01/2013 1:05am
This is such a great idea. I will definitely be doing something like this next year, as we don't want to be giving our little boy all that sugar. He is only 4 months now, so we just gave him a small bunny toy to commemorate his first easter, but next year when he is able to enjoy it we would like to do something that doesn't involve loads of sugar like easter usually does. Thank you for this! I'm going to keep an eye on your site for more great ideas.
04/02/2013 5:35am
Thanks Alex! Hope you find more Ideas that your son likes!
09/14/2013 11:29am
I try to do a theme each year as well - this past year I had to do three different themes so for my oldest who is 17 - needed a new bible to I bought the bible and then a devotional and candy in an Easter plastic bucket, my 16 year old got a movie/game theme which included an Xbox game, and popcorn, sunflower seeds, boiled peanuts, and few other favorites in a plastic popcorn tub (this one was my favorite), my youngest just started getting into makeup so that was her theme (she's 12). Makeup, fingernail polish, and candy, in a decorative wicker type basket.
04/16/2014 8:20am
We always got all our swim gear on easter. Growing up in florida with a pool in everyones back yard and the beach a couple miles away we spent a lot of time swimming. Our baskets were filled with 2 bathing suits, goggles, flip flops, a cover up, a fun bag, sun screen. We also got one chocolate easter bunny and that was it for candy. My mom hid hard boiled eggs and we'd find them and make egg salad and deviled eggs. I'm going to start the same tradition with my 2 year old.
04/16/2014 8:33am
My kiddos always get a little bit of candy in their baskets, but they mostly get new swimsuits, flip flops, beach towels, clothes, outside toys, water toys and art supplies. Everything they need to start the summer off right!
04/19/2014 10:07pm
This year, the oldest got some Peeps and a Pez dispenser (traditions from my childhood), bubbles, fun pencils, a small Lego box, Transformer figurines, and a silly straw. My daughter got Peeps, Pez dispenser, bubbles, pencils, a My Little Pony, and a matching pajama set for her and her doll. And the baby (9 months) got a few fruit/veggie squeeze packets, a new pair of pajamas, and a stuffed duck. Seems like a lot, but Target had a buy 1, get 1 50% off deal on all the toys!

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