Toast Toppings: 25 Ideas for a Healthy Breakfast

My kids love toast! Any topping and any time of day. We’re just hard wired to love bread.  And when we can dress it up with a little extra flavor, it’s a win-win for everyone!  So, here are some of the toppings my kids like on their toast- Let us know what you guys like in the commnents!

Kids Favorite Toast Toppings

  1. Erica loves to get creative with fruit faces on her toast.  Her first creation yesterday was chocolate chip hair, banana eyes, strawberry nose, and apple mouth. fruit toast
  2. Typical toppings: Most mornings we add honey or cinnamon!
  3. Flower Power.  Slicing strawberries lengthwise, and arranged in a fan gives the look of a flower.  So fun for tea parties, princess parties, or that special little girly girl! strawberry toast
  4. Applesauce Toast! I asked last night on twitter what favorite toast toppings were.  Among the replies was Maria, who said she loved applesauce on toast. We have a recipe for rhubarb applesauce here.
  5. Another twitter reply was from Healthy Kids Challenge for peanut butter/ Banana toast!   We love this too, except adding a little chocolate!banana chocolate toastbanana toast
  6. Homemade jam has always been a favorite of ours. We’ve never tried orange marmalade though as that is what @marygooch on twitter said was her favorite!
  7. Erica, my daughter, insisted on designing this Valentine special: Peanut butter, strawberries, and chocolate! MMMM.  She even took her own picture!strawberry chocolate peanut butter toast
  8. Mustard! Strange, I know.  My best friend all through high school would eat mustard toast for breakfast every day!
  9. Almond Butter, honey and granola! What a great combo, right?
  10. Poached Eggs on Toast! This combo of fat, protein, and whole grains makes a perfect balanced breakfast. (I tried to make a poached egg for the photo yesterday, and it was an absolute disaster!)  egg on toast
  11. Light Cream cheese and homemade jam. I always keep some spreadable cream cheese on hand. I love this stuff for wraps, sandwiches, toast, and dips!
  12. Pureed pinto beans and grated cheese.  This doesn’t have to be for burritos only (or breakfast only for that matter).  Some people don’t like typical breakfast foods, and this is a great alternative.
  13. Mushroom Toast. I had this for the first time as a teenager in East Germany (before the wall came down)  It was so delicious, I can literally still taste it.  It had sautéed mushrooms, garlic,  and a sprinkling of cheese on top.  My kids aren’t keen on mushrooms yet, but I’m still trying.
  14. Toast Dippers.  You can have any variation of dipping sauce.  This dip is hummus, which is why we have the carrots to go with it.  
  15. Fresh Tomatoes and Mozzarella Cheese.  Bake this for a few minutes to get the cheese crispy. Works especially well with those who have a toaster oven.tomato toast
  16. Nacho Toast.  Add salsa, green onions and cheese- then bake. The salsa I bought was super runny, or these would look better, I’m sure! 
  17. Light cream cheese, raisins and cinnamon.  Mix these altogether and spread.
  18. Nutella and apples. Nutella is a mixture of hazelnuts, cocoa and sugar.  While it is a dessert food (sugar is the first ingredient), its fun to use on occasion.
  19. Laughing Cow Cheese wedge with cucumber slices.
  20. Hawaiian Pizza. Orange marmalade for a spread (optional), Pineapple tidbits, lean, nitrite free ham, and some cheese baked on top.
  21. Bear Toast- as soon all over pinterest! peanut-butter-Bear-toast-from-super-healthy-kids
  22. Cream cheese, pomegranate seeds, and nuts! pomegranate toast
  23. Hard boiled egg and avocado slices! egg toast
  24. Cottage cheese, edamame and cherry tomatoes.
  25. cottage cheese on toast Mandarin orange slices and raspberries!



orange toast


THOSE ARE OUR FAVORITE! What about your kids?

25 toast toppings for kids from super healthy kids


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Sarah R.

Instead of toast, I use rice cakes more, but I do love the almond butter, honey and WHEAT GERM mixture best :)


Wow, those are some great ideas! And poached eggs on toast totally brings back childhood memories. I had forgotten about that! We are stuck in cereal-land here, maybe we should venture into toast (or bagel) land a bit more often.


Fluffernutter! I spread peanut butter on bread, top with marshmallows, and broil in the toaster oven. I suppose you could use Nutella for something s’mores-like, but I can’t stand hazelnut.


Vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit! It’s what I usually put on my girls’ pancakes but we were out and I didn’t feel like making more. The grainy texture of the bread was a perfect complement to the sweet smoothiness of the yogurt. I was really surprised at how good it was! :)


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