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Asparagus Snack

twiggies in a blanket4

Asparagus is our Healthy letter A food of the day!  Asparagus is:

  • A great source of folate (for all your pregnant mamas out there)
  • Good source of beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.
  • Excellent source of Vitamin K, C, and A

asparagus sticks twiggies in a blanket


What we did to make Twigs In a Blanket:

  1. We prepped some bread dough (I used all white flour in this artisan bread recipe, but you could also use half whole wheat.  you could also choose a premade biscuit dough, although I haven’t found one I think is healthy yet)
  2. After the dough had risen sufficiently, we took small balls of dough (1 TBL amounts), rolled it in our hands, and pressed it flat.
  3. Took one or two asparagus spears and bent off the woody ends.
  4. Wrapped one small piece of turkey around the spear (only on about half of them)
  5. Wrapped the bread dough around the spear and rolled it between our hands until it was completely wrapped and sealed.
  6. Brushed rolls with egg white wash.
  7. Sprinkled fresh parmesan cheese on dough.
  8. Baked at 350° for 15 minutes (or until bread is cooked through)

twiggies in a blanket2 twiggies in a blanket3

So instead of processed hot dogs, bring these asparagus snacks to your Super Bowl Parties this week

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I had a feeling this would be the food for today. I’ve never eaten it, though my sister and nieces love it with a certain dip she makes. Might have to try this and love the name you gave them. On my list for something new this week is pistachios there was a $1 off coupon in the paper Sunday so it was meant to be. Have a great day.

What a cute and clever idea! I hope I get more asparagus in this weeks BB coop share! If not, I might have to go hunt some down at the grocery store!

I love the idea of wrapping turkey around them! I just made some asparagus wrapped in bacon and the asparagus got a lil overcooked for my liking. Crisp is my favorite.
Great post!

I recently had a book club party, and one of my friends brought asparagus wrapped in salami and provolone cheese. She blanched the asparagus for a few seconds and them wrapped them with the meat and cheese. I’m sure you could uses turkey. My husband ate the cheese and salami and I ate the asparagus. They were good a few days after the party!

I am so excited about this. I just got some asparagus with my winder dairy produce box this morning and I was wondering how I was going to get the family to eat it!

I haven’t. I don’t have a Whole Foods in my county. The closest one though is probably about 20 miles away (not too far, but not too close either). I’ll have to check where else they sell them.

what a great idea! we have dairy and egg allergies in our home and its hard to find healthy things to eat without these foods. I am sure these would be good even w/out the egg wash and cheese on top. thanks for your great blog!!

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