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Sticky Stacky Sandwiches

stick sandwiches

The kids love it when we make the same old boring sandwiches, with a new presentation!  Skewering your sandwich ingredients is fast, fun, and for kids who normally don’t eat tomatoes on their sandwiches, they just might when it’s on a stick!

We’ve got some

  • Whole Wheat bread
  • Cheese (cut with cookie cutters)
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Turkey
  • More cheese
  • and another piece of whole wheat bread.
stifck sandwiches

You can get creative and stack any type of sandwiches this way.  The key to making a sandwich healthy for your little ones is to make sure

  • You are using 100% whole grain bread!
  • You include a protein (if using lunch meat, watch for sodium content, or cut your own from a home cooked turkey)
    • good proteins include peanut butter or other nut butters, meat, a bean spread like hummus, etc.)
  • Include fruits or vegetables!
    • Vegetables are a great combo with any bean spread or lunch meat. Fruit is great to slice on nut butters.

Stick your finished Sticky Stacky Sandwiches in Styrofoam, put in a flower pot, and use as a centerpiece. Your kids will have fun pulling one out for their mid day meal!

For more of our skewered meals (cause we think they are awesome)

You can even place these beauties in a lunch box to be eaten at school, if you wish.

Here is where I’m supposed to ask a question, so as to get this community interacting and so I can find out who the people are that read my blog, and then visit your blogs… but most days, I can’t think of a question, like today.  Maybe you can just pop in and say, “Thanks a lot Amy, we tried the Sticky Stacky Sandwich, and my son poked his skewer in his little sisters eye!”  And then I’ll say, “Oh my goodness!!! I’m so sorry! It’s horrible”. and for safety reasons, I’ll be forced to remove the entire post. Ugh, what’s a blogger to do?

written by
Amy Roskelley

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Uniflame says:

How cute are these! I get hungry seeing it!

Amy says:

Thanks! They looked appealing to my hubby too, who ate them several hours old, and already going stale!

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Julieann says:

These really are cute. After I read this post, I was thinking the same thing, that you said…you know someone is going to mention the skewers:) Stay strong and don’t remove the post!

Have a happy wednesday!


These are SO cute! Just the other day we were trying to brainstorm some new ideas for the lunchbox. Couldn’t come up with a whole lot of new things but making the same-old, same-old more fun may do the trick!

Gina says:

SO cute!!! I love it. Did you just use bamboo skewers?

chery says:

I tried one of those one time in my son’s lunch for school. Oh, man, did I ever get in trouble! It didn’t LOOK like his normal sandwich, so he freaked and didn’t eat it. Everything has to be familiar. Maybe I could try one on an off day from school so we are all eating one.

love the ideas!
oh, I made your cheesy potato soup last night….we will eat it tonight. can’t wait.

Amy B. says:

Ha! Your comment about stirring up comments made me laugh. I’m not much of a commenter – probably because I don’t have a blog myself to encourage folks to visit. But I’m an avid reader – and I love your creative ideas. If I can motivate myself, my daughter would really enjoy these skewers! Thanks for your posts!
Amy Lynn, too! 🙂

Danielle Spangler says:

I love the ideas! Keep them up. I don’t even think it is the specifics for me…but just the reminder to keep trying and don’t give up on healthy habits!

angee says:

LOVE this!!! So, so cute!!! I am always amazed by your creativity! My kids will love this!

Kelly Lester says:

As long as they don’t turn those skewers on the fab mom who made these, I think they’re GREAT! How about using the empty skewers to pick up pieces of fruit off a platter for dessert? Pineapple and mandarin oranges or the like.

Vennesa says:

LOL! I know my kids would love these (minus the tomato). Perfect post. The 2 reasons I visit your blog: Your great meal ideas and your hilarious sense of humor. 😉

Debbie says:

What a fun idea and easy!

Amy says:

Julieanne! I’ll be strong, I promise 🙂
Brenda- It would be fun with all kinds of combinations too.
Gina- Yes, the bamboo skewers
LOL, Oh dear Chery! Poor kid does not need to be surprised at lunch time!
Glad you like the soup!

Thanks Amy! I always recognize when you comment because that AMY LYNN catches my eye!
Danielle-That’s really the point. Not to use every idea, but just to keep healthy eating in the FRONT of your thoughts!
Angee-You are too kind 🙂
Kelly- I have been threatened, but no injuries yet (great idea to pick up fruit!)
Vennessa- Only 2??
Thanks Debbie!

Michelle says:

This is a fabulous idea! Even though my kids love sandwich. This is a nice way to switch it.Thanks for sharing your ideas for Healthy Food for Kids. I am also planning to have it. Thanks very much.

The sticky, stacky sandwiches look great! I’d even be excited about eating them. Do you kids want to help you make them as well? Do you buy a bunch of skewers or just keep washing them? I’d love to post this recipe on my site at http://www.BlogWithMom.com.

Amy says:

Sure you can share Bobbie. As long as you have a link to my site, I’m good!
Thanks for asking
And we toss the skewers, we don’t do it often enough to keep them.. And yes, the kids have fun helping!

Ara says:

It’s cute… love to eat it. I bet your kids would love to have that as a snack. Thanks for your creativity I had come up with an idea. =) I would like try it for my nephews. I think they would enjoy their lunch pack container. =D

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jenny says:

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And thanks for this fun food idea! 🙂 I’m new to your blog this week. Besides being super cute and fun there is a lot of great recipes and info. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome Post ! Keep writing new posts..

Amy says:

Oh my gosh! My daughters are going to love you for this! We have been so tired of plain old PBJ and turkey sandwiches. I have even done wraps, but they are getting boring. Can’t wait to surprise them with sticky stacky sandwiches in their lunch boxes! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! Amy

Your Health says:

Awesome Post ! Keep Posting…

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JenniferR says:

I always cut the point off of the skewer after I have made it so that my son can’t poke his sisters eye out with it.

Amy says:

Good idea Jennifer!!

Danielle says:

I found this post on pintrest and had to try this with my kids. They loved it! Here’s what we did: http://mamamusingsblog.blogspot.com/2011/08/kids-meal-kabobs.html

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Melanie says:

My kids are sick of sandwiches, so I’ve been hunting for more lunch ideas and loved these instantly. I made them on Monday (minus the cute shapes – just cubes), and the kids LOVED them. My 3rd grader’s teacher even held them up for the class to see how fun (and healthy) her lunch was. The skewer did poke a hole in one of the kids’ lunch boxes… but no eyes were injured, so we’ll definitely do it again! Thanks for such a cute idea!

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Kirsti says:

Where can I get the skews u used?

Amy says:

We either use the standard kabob skewers you find by the picnic supplies, or popsicle/lollipop sticks you would find in a craft store, next to the candy making supplies!

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Kiki dunst says:

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Please do more because I really enjoyed reading your article on this.

Suvarna says:

Hey, am hungry,,,so nice pictures…super article..cookery rocks

TheBoyandMe says:

I’ve just made this for my son for tea, he’s over the moon with it. Thanks for the idea, found on Pinterest.

loved reading this blog so thanks. I have been introduced to pinterest thanks to your readers. Many Thanks

Johnd235 says:

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