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A Trip to The Farmers Market with Kids-in-Tow

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Happy Saturday! It’s Holly from Maison Everett Blog, and I’m excited to share one of my favorite family traditions with you: our weekly trip to the farmers market. It wasn’t always a tradition, but ever since my son was a baby, I found myself preferring our adventures at the market rather than in an actual grocery store. Do you and your family shop at your local farmers market? Here are 3 reasons why I love a trip to the famers market with kids-in-tow:

farmers market trip with kids

It is a classroom for your child, and a fun one at that!

farmer market trip with kids
a trip to the farmers market with kids

It is a fun outing for the entire family!

(especially if you have more than one)

farmers market trip with kids
farmers market trip with kids

It is a cost-effective way to get healthy foods into your kitchen and on your table.

itemized list here

To find a local market, you can search using you zip code here, or ask friends/neighbors if they know of one in your town.

Holly Everett is a full-time mama and creative business owner, focused on living intentionally and getting healthy meals on the table. Visit her at Maison Everett, where she shares about the things that inspire and grow her as both a mother and creative.

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