Chocolate Banana Smoothie


I had a few banana posts in waiting because we found these adorable mini bananas at the grocery store! My kids were so excited to have them.. just because they are different.If you have a brown banana, stop what you are doing and make this smoothie!

What better thing to do with bananas besides making smoothies?  OK, there are lots, but we really like smoothies too.

This chocolate banana smoothie is a great way to start the day!  100% pure cocoa has many health benefits, (my father in law is convinced eating chocolate is restoring his sight) and you don’t need to pay a premium price for the pure stuff.

According to David Grotto’s new book 101 Foods that Can Save Your Life, Chocolate can:

  • Give you healthier skin (increased hydration and decreased roughness and scaling)..this dispels a common myth.
  • Flavonoids in cocoa beans can combat diarrhea (who wants kids with diarrhea?)
  • Improves heart health by reducing LDL and lowering blood pressure.
  • Improved insulin sensitivity (vital for diabetics)
  • Theobromine (found in chocolate) was nearly a third more effective in stopping coughs compared to codeine!!!
  • One antioxidant found in cocoa may be effective in supressing genes that trigger colon cancer cell growth.
  • Verbal and visual memory were significantly higher in subjects who consumed milk chocolate!

Are you as surprised as I am?  Clearly the antioxidants in cocoa are responsible for the benefits.  With most of the chocolate we eat, there is a small amount of cocoa, and a large amount of milk, sugars, and fats.   The dark chocolate bars that claim 70% cocoa are expensive too.


Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe

  • 8 ounces soy milk, milk, or coconut milk.
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
  • 2 bananas (frozen)
  • 1 Tablespoon cocoa powder.

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

If you have a brown banana, stop what you are doing and make this smoothie!
If you have a brown banana, stop what you are doing and make this smoothie!
Chocolate Banana Smoothie


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This was very delicious! Can be eaten for breakfast or any time of the day. Is esp. good on a hot summer day or inbetween meals when it’s past lunch and not yet time for dinner and you’re hungry. My daughter loved it. I use special dark baking cocoa for the chocolate but you can also use carob a well.

I just started a low sugar diet but fruit is ok. I’m used to having a treat of some sort at the end of the night so I thought I’d try this smoothie. It was soooo good! I even forgot to add the honey and it tasted great! Do you have any other variations? I may be having one of these nightly. 😉

Yes, Beth is in my ward! 😀 I’ve known I needed to cut down on sugar but this club is the thing that made me commit.

I made one this morning, and I think my banana’s had been in the freezer too long, it is much too sweet (I didn’t even add the requisite amount of honey), and I ended up adding more Cocoa powder, I couldn’t taste it over the banana.

could this be made with fresh banana and some ice? Would that change the flavor/consistency too much?

You can Kassandra, but I don’t think it would be as creamy- it would be more like a slushy. If you did change something to make it less sweet, I would just add more milk, less banana.

Looks great. And I am sure this tastes delicious. My 2 cents: Honey is a very interesting ingredient, when consumed with hot water (and the like) – it burns body fat. When used with cold stuff it has the reverse effect.

I made this for lunch today – delicious!! I used regular 2% milk but I did use 2 Tbsp. of cocoa instead of just one. Very good and very filling!!

I knew cocoa had some health benefits, but I didn’t realize just how many. Thanks for the info!!

Just made a couple of these smoothies using Almond Milk and they taste GREAT!!

I also added a handful of spinach to each of our cups before blending. Can’t even taste it – not that it would bother me, but it’s a sneaky way to get it in the kidlets LOL.

We do this with a big handful of baby spinach. You can sneak in veggies without your kids noticing. Still tastes great and even better for you!

Ok…….Am I the only one that just threw a bunch of bananas in the freezer? Tip…….peel them first then freeze.

Just wondering what the bananas actually do I’m allergic to them so can you just use chocolate or would I have to use something to make it a bit thicker

how many calories are in this? I’m sorry if it’s been asked I couldn’t find it. I’m on the weight watchers diet so Id like to figure this out point wise 🙂

How long do you need to freeze the bananas? Can I through them in the freezer the night before if I know I want to make them for breakfast or will that be too long?…. Also, what are other ways I can get cocoa into my daughters diet more frequently without making things overly sweet? I want her to have the benefits from cocoa more regularly without encourage her to develop a love of really sweet things. My daughter is 21 months and I have never given her chocolate yet and want to resist that as long as possible because she has always been a great eater. She loves just about every vegetable and fruit and will gladly choose one for a snack or desert over crackers or less healthy items when offered options. I am concerned if I give her chocolate or other sweets she will develop a preference for sweets and start wanting sweets over healthier options and my great little eater will become a picky eater instead. She drinks milk but I have only ever given her white milk not chocolate milk…. my concern with introducing chocolate milk to her is that although when I make it at home I can make it with pure cocoa, if she develops a taste and liking for it then when we are not home such as restaurants and visiting family and friends she will want chocolate over white milk and it won’t be pure cocoa instead would be the unhealthy sugar laced kind…. Sorry about the supper long comment and maybe I am over thinking it but any advice or ideas would be very helpful as I get little helpful advice on this subject from family and friends because they all think I am crazy and over protective for worry so much about what she eats. I just want to continue to encourage her already existing love of healthy foods instead of destroying it.

Hi Tia- If I were you, I would wait even longer. Although cocoa itself is super healthy, it’s generally paired with sweet things to make it more palatable and enjoyable. No need to go down that road just yet!
Freezing your bananas over night is plenty of time to get them frozen.

I just tested it for a kids cooking class tomorrow and I liked it better with the addition of a little vanilla extract (1 tsp) and a couple tablespoons of Siggy’s coconut yogurt. It mellowed the intensity of the banana and cocoa flavor and was also creamier. No peanut butter in school but that’s always a good addition.

Trying to make this with coconut milk as you suggested. It won’t blend, bananas are frozen and coconut milk is a mushy solid not reaching the blades, so nothing is in bottom of blender. Seems not enough liquid? Did you mean to say coconut water instead? Going to have to wait until something in the blender container thaws before re- trying.

Rachel- I did mean coconut milk, but the kind I’ve been using is liquid, rather than solid. Maybe the “light” version is more liquid? I’ll have to check. there is also coconut milk by the almond milk and dairy milk, in a carton that is completely liquid and drinkable.

Hello Amy! Love this recipe, looking forward to making it. Could you tell me how many ounces of smoothie this makes?
Thank you!

Hi Haylee! This recipe makes roughly 16 ounces (or two cups) of smoothie. Keep in mind that the size of bananas you use might make for slightly less or more than this amount.