25 Healthy Christmas Snacks and Party Foods

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Adding Christmas cheer to snacks and party foods for kids can be simple and fast.  Honestly.  Just the way you plate up raw vegetables or a tray of fruit can take ordinary fruits and vegetables and elevate them to merry morsels.  We have 25 ideas for healthy holiday themed snacks and party foods for kids for you to use to delight your children.

25 Healthy Christmas Snacks and Party Foods

25  Healthy and Fun Christmas Food Ideas that you and your kids can enjoy as you celebrate the season:

  1. Grinch kabob. All you need are mini marshmallows, strawberries, banana slices, and green grapes to make a festive, fun, and simple snack ready in minutes.
25 Healthy Christmas Snacks and Party Foods
  1. Fruit candy cane. Alternate slices of strawberry and banana to make the shape of a candy cane on a plate.

(Image credit:  The Art of Nutrition)

Or use slices of red apple to make a candy cane on a plate just by how you position the slices.


(Image credit:  Love Well Live Well)

  1. Snap pea Christmas tree. Arrange snap peas, a star made of cheese, and pretzel sticks to produce a lovely tree for snacking.

(Image credit:  Little Nummies)

  1. Celery stalk Christmas tree. This lovely celery tree needs only three ingredients to turn a veggie snack into a Christmas treat.

(Image credit:  Fantastic Fun and Learning)

Another version of a celery Christmas tree uses celery, along with ham, cheese, carrots and a cheese stick without needing to make the celery stand.


(Image Credit:  Good Food for Kids)

  1. Vegetable Christmas Tree. Serve up your raw veggies tray the Christmas way.  Use broccoli florets to make a Christmas tree shape and add grape or cherry tomatoes as ornaments. You can also add strips of yellow pepper as strands of lights. Cut a star shape from yellow bell pepper to use on the top of your tree.  Use a handful of pretzel sticks (or a piece of a celery stalk) as your tree trunk.  Finally, add a touch of cauliflower florets as snow under the tree.  What a fun way to present after school snack or your raw vegetable assortment for a class party.

(Image credit: Fancy Edibles)

  1. Whole wheat gingerbread cookies. These gingerbread cookies are a healthy version of a Christmas favorite.  Kids love to enjoy Christmas cookies, so isn’t it great to have a healthier version of a favorite available?
Whole Wheat Gingerbread Cookies {Dairy Free}. You won't be able to tell the difference!
  1. Christmas cuke wreath. Delicious cucumbers and your choice of dip dressed up to look like a Christmas wreath.  Cuteness!
Christmas Cuke Cups
  1. Reindeer snacks. Put out all of the ingredients for a trail mix, tell the kids that they are making their own “reindeer snacks,” and let the fun and creativity begin.
  1. Ornament sandwich. Use a cookie cutter to cut your bread into circles, then you or your child can decorate the sandwich and turn it into an ornament. Tiny circles cut out of a variety of colors of bell peppers can be “dots” on the ornament, while a zigzag design cut out from a pepper or cucumber can also adorn your “ornament”.
  1. Apple wreath. Core an apple and slice it to make apple rounds.  Next, put a light layer of your choice of fruit dip, like this easy to make lemon fruit dip, on one side, then add cranberries, golden raisins, and raisins to decorate your wreath.
  1. Christmas tree snack. A Laughing Cow triangle serves as your tree, a pretzel stick serves as your trunk, and then decorate with finely chopped broccoli (as the needles), small pieces of red bell pepper (as ornaments), and add a yellow bell pepper or cheddar cheese star.  It’s fast, delicious, festive, and the kids will love it.
Cheesy Christmas Tree Snack
  1. Cheese stick snowman. Leave the cheese stick in its plastic wrapper, and tape on a construction paper hat. Use sharpies to make the face and buttons, and tie a strip of material around the “neck” for a scarf.
  1. No bake snowballs. You can whip these up in no time to have a fun and healthy snack ready to go when the kids take a break from playing in the snow.
No Bake Snow Balls. Ahh!! We love this tradition! Making no-bake snowballs for Santa tonight!


  1. Banana snowman. The kids can get involved with constructing this snowman using banana slices, apple slices, blueberries, and mini chocolate chips (or raisins).
  1. Cheese cube and tomato Christmas tree. Alternate rows of cheese cubes and grape or cherry tomatoes to form the shape of a Christmas tree with lights, and add a cheese or yellow bell pepper star for the top.  A pretzel stick trunk completes the tree.

(Image credit:  Good Food Buzz)

  1. Fruit Christmas tree. Make individual trees using green apple slices as the branches, raspberries, blueberries, raisins, cranberries, or halved purple grapes as the ornaments, a slice of cheese cut into the shape of a star as the top of the tree, and pretzel sticks placed together as the trunk.

(Image credit: 360 Family Nutrition)

If you have a Christmas tree shaped dish, fill it with green grapes and use raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, or wedges of oranges as a string of lights throughout the dish.  If you don’t have a tree shaped dish, you can surround your grape tree with apple slices to hold the shape of the tree.


(Image credit:  Indulgy)

  1. Snowman sandwich. Create the face of a snowman on your sandwich.  First, cut two slices of whole wheat bread with a circle cookie cutter.  On one slice of bread, add your sandwich ingredients, then cover with the other slice of bread.  If you would prefer a whiter face to your snowman, make an open face sandwich with a light colored cheese, such as provolone, as your top.  Cut it down to the same size as your bread.  Use black olive halves for the eyes, a triangle shaped slice of carrot as the nose, and raisins or olive pieces to make a mouth.

(Image credit:  Little Food Junction)

  1. Rudolph holiday snack. Use a triangle of cheese, small pieces of olives, a circle of red bell pepper, and pretzel twists to turn ordinary snack foods into Rudolph.

(Image credit:  Parenting)

  1. Santa hat. Make a Santa hat by placing a hulled strawberry, with the very tip of the strawberry dipped into yogurt, onto a thick slice of banana.

(Image credit:  Feeding Finn)

  1. Kiwi tree. Create a kiwi Christmas tree to serve several people using kiwi, blackberries, and raspberries.

(Image credit:  Mama. Papa. Bubba)

Or make an individual tree with wedge slices of kiwi and a raspberry star.


(Image credit:  She Knows)

  1. Candy cane and Christmas tree pizzas. Use your own dough or buy pre-made dough and cut it to the desired shape.  For the candy cane pizza, make the candy cane pattern by covering the pizza sauce with cheese for the “white strips” and leave the pizza sauce showing for the “red stripes.”  Or make the red stripes using red bell pepper, ham, or pepperoni.  For the Christmas tree, put your pizza sauce and cheese on the dough, then add chopped spinach for the green of the tree, small circles of red, yellow or orange bell pepper or halved grape tomatoes for ornaments, and add a star out of yellow bell pepper.

(Image credit:  She Knows)

  1. Snowman popcorn cup. Using a small, clear plastic cup, add eyes and a mouth with a black sharpie, glue on a carrot nose using orange construction paper or draw it on with an orange sharpie, and glue (or draw) on a ribbon as the scarf.  Fill the cup with popcorn for a snowman snack.

(Image credit:  Creative Kid Snacks)

  1. Christmas breakfast bagel. Decorate the bagel to make an edible ornament.
Christmas Breakfast Bagels
  1. Apple wreath. Core an apple and slice to make apple rings.  Spread a light layer of lemon fruit dip or your fruit dip of choice on one side, then let the kids add cranberries, golden raisins, and raisins to decorate the wreath.
  2. Holiday veggie tray wreath. Use a round platter with a bowl in the middle to design your veggies to look like a beautiful holiday wreath.
broccoli wreath super healthy kids

Adding Christmas touches to healthy snacks can be simple and quick while inspiring great feelings of holiday merriment and joy!

25 Healthy Christmas Snacks and Party Foods. We have 25 ideas for healthy and fun Christmas themed snacks and party foods for kids for you to use to delight your children. https://www.superhealthykids.com/25-healthy-christmas-snacks-party-foods/

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