13 Healthy Halloween Themed Dinner Ideas


Make Halloween night healthy and fun with some Halloween themed dinner ideas!

Traditions around food have a special impact that kids remember forever!  Thanksgiving is memorable for the Turkey, 4th of July for the BBQ, and possibly Easter for the ham.  But what about Halloween?  Starting a Halloween dinner tradition, before the kids go out for the candy, can be a fun way to kick off the night.  Choose from these 13 ideas below, or let us know your favorite Halloween night dinner idea!

  1. Carrot Ginger Quinoa Pepper Jacks   Anything made in a “pepper pumpkin”, is a fun addition to Halloween night, but adding quinoa plus black beans to this a great way to get a little extra protein! 
  2. Spooky Halloween Monster Mash Soup This idea can be done with ANY of your favorite soups! I would do a butternut squash soup for sure, because the color is so perfect!
  3. Pumpkin Jack and Cheese Bowls  Kids love mac and cheese, so this delicious dish is sure to be a hit!
  4. Shepherds Pie Stuffed Peppers– I would have never thought of making shepherds pie this way.  Let the kids carve out their own peppers and get creative with the faces.
  5. Halloween Meatloaf Cupcake.  Isn’t this a simple dish? Pumpkin Meatloaf cupcakes!
  6. Ghoulishly Green Vegan Potato Soup  Love this blended potato soup with greens for nutrition and an element of spooky fun.
  7. Spooky Skull Vegan Pot Pie   If this pie looks too complicated, check out this article for laying the pie crust on top instead. 
  8. Frankenstein pasta   We just added this fun one to our blog, delicious pasta, that looks like Frankenstein! How easy would this be?Green Frankenstein Pasta
  9. Mummy Pot Pie  I’ve seen mummy’s done a lot of different ways, over toast, as pizza, with hot dogs, and more. But these healthy pot pies pare probably my favorite! 
  10. Terror Taco Salad This has been one of the favorites on our meal plan for years!  It’s simply taco salad, made just crazy enough for a holiday! 
  11. Mini Halloween Pizzas  Whether they are personal, mini pizzas, or you make one big one, adding a little Halloween flair is easy with your toppings.
  12. Eyeball Meatball How fun is this?? If you love spaghetti and meatballs, adding cheese and olives to turn them into eyeballs makes this ordinary dinner, extraordinary. 
  13. Halloween Cheeseburger  And finally, an open faced cheeseburger, so you can see the Jack O Lantern Cheese!

We hope you find a fun idea to start a Halloween holiday tradition with your kids and use one of these Halloween themed dinner ideas! Let us know if you do, or if you have one we didn’t mention!


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