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Nutrition Myth Busting

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Today we’re going to do some Nutritional Myth Busting, to show you how and why to get rid of those doubts that are holding you back from feeding your family the way you really want to. 

Myth #1: Home-Cooked Meals Take Too Long.

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Myth #2: My Kids Won’t Eat Vegetables.

Myth #3: Eating Healthfully is Too Expensive.

  • A can of beans for 60 cents.
  • Frozen vegetables for $1.99.
  • A bag of brown rice for $1.50.
  • A pound of carrots for 79 cents.
  • And a bag of apples for $5.

Do you know what else costs $5? This bag of potato chips. But we promise you, the apples will stretch into more servings of food for your family, and provide a LOT better nutrition.

Myth #4: If Food Isn’t Organic, It’s Not Healthful.

Myth #5: I Can’t Compete With All the Junk Food Out There.

Myth #6: My Kids Aren’t Overweight, So They Don’t Have to Eat Healthfully.

Myth #7: If Food Comes in a Package, It’s Not Healthful.

That wraps up our Nutritional Mythbusters Lesson! Thanks so much for joining us, and we hope you’re leaving this lesson with a sense of relief and empowerment. Because these doubts and roadblocks do NOT have to stand in your way on your path to a healthier family.


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