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How to Plan a Screamin’ Halloween Party!

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Halloween parties are the best!  Especially for kids when they are at school 🙂  They are definitely a part of happy childhood school memories. Kids love to take a break from their usual school routines, and teachers enjoy the chance to celebrate customs and holidays with their students.  It is such a gift to our teachers, who are already overloaded, when the parents take the class party over and make it special.  

It may seem like a lot of work to make sure a whole class of kids has a good time, and even more work if you end up being the one in charge of it all. But with the right tools,  it can actually be fun! We have thrown a LOT of parties and so to help you throw the best class party ever and not feel stressed, here are 5 of our most helpful tips.

Party Planning Tips

  • Communicate with the teacher. If the teacher has been teaching for a few years, they will probably have a good idea of the types of activities that will work for the class. It is important to know the teacher’s expectations clearly and upfront.  They may want to rotate groups, or keep their classroom set up a certain way.  They will all have a good idea of what kinds of situations work best for their students.  


  • Make a Party Outline. Write down all of the different elements of the party you want to include, supplies needed and how the flow of the party will go.  Creating a detailed list not only will make it easy to ask parents for what you’ll need but also will make clear any classroom supplies that you might be able to use (for example, crayons, paper, etc.). Most classroom parties include:
    • A few activities or games
    • Craft
    • Snack or treat
    • Group activities like Don’t Eat Frank are always fun!
  • Use Sign-Up Genius to organize parents to help.  When you are in charge of a class party, you will definitely want to do some recruiting. Before you ask parents to help, make sure your email list for class parents is up-to-date. This is something that most room parents or teachers will have compiled early in the school year. Instead of trying to track everyone down with a paper signup sheet, use SignUpGenius. This makes it so much easier than trying to track down emails and figure out who is bringing or organizing what.  You set up the event on the website, then email the link out to parents.  They go to the site and sign up for what they want to do or bring.


  • Use seasonal props and music to make it fun.   Since the kiddos are already excited about Halloween,  go crazy with themed food, decorations, activities, crafts, etc.  Seasonal music can really set a fun tone for your party!  Pick your playlist or Pandora station ahead of time, and figure out how to play it in the classroom and it will really add to the mood.  
  • Use smart resources.  You can search Pinterest or Google for different activity, craft and snack ideas, but we created a Classroom Party Kit for you!  Everything you need from the ideas to the game printouts!  The supply lists are included for you and easy to distribute to parents who are helping. 

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